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Evil Wills Q&A with the Makers of Amerikan Holokaust

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In November, our very own Evil Will reviewed the Amazing AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST. Recently he had the Chance for a little Q and A with Director and Writers Chris Woods and John Miller.

Let’s see what secrets they had to share….




1. What is your favourite film of all time?

John Miller - Scarface.

 Chris Woods - Night of the Living Dead


2. What film makers inspire you?

John Miller - Right now I'm inspired by all the no budget indies out there trying to make a name for themselves. As well as the DIY distributors.

   Chris Woods - Low budget indie guys like George A. Romero and Herschell Gordon Lewis and Horror Italian directors like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci.


3. What is your least favourite film?

John Miller - Titanic.

   Chris Woods - Boondock Saints.


4. What is your least favourite actor/director/celebrity?

John Miller - Russell Brand.

   Chris Woods - Any of the Kardashians.


5. If you could go for dinner/drinks with any 3 directors/actors/musicians/celebrity dead or alive who would you pick?

John Miller - Pee Wee Herman, Las Vegas era Elvis and Booger from the Nerds movies.

   Chris Woods - Jim Morrison, Alfred Hitchcock, Bettie Page.


6. If a big studio offered you millions to remake any film of your choice what would it be?

John Miller - Don't look in the Basement. That film was such a waste of a good idea.

   Chris Woods - Peeping Tom.  I love the original, but I like the idea and would like to run with it and have it set      in present time.


7. How and when did you both meet?

John Miller - Maybe back in 06-07ish? We were both contributors for a website and later found out that we lived in the same neighbourhood. The rest is history.

   Chris Woods - What John said, around 2007 and we worked on the same web site and found out we had the same interest in movies.


8. What inspired you to make Amerikan Holokaust?

John Miller - A sheer hatred for the modern trend of pretty boy, hipster, yuppie, goofy fart joke, horror comedies. I sat down with a bottle of whiskey and wrote a script that reads like a punch to the nose. If all the modern cult films were chilling at a party they would tuck their chains and hide their jewellery out of fear of Amerikan Holokaust Debo'ing them.  

   Chris Woods - I agree with John.  We wanted to make a film that wasn't the type of horror that was hitting Red Box and Netflix.  We wanted to make something that would make the horror community stand up and wake up and see a balls out flick that hasn't been made like this in a long time.


9. How did you find Michael Mashburn & Antwan Mercer?

John Miller - They're couple of guys that have been paying dues for years as back ground extras or bad guys in college shorts. I noticed Jules Sciero (Mash) at a screening a few years back and wanted him for a short film. That fell through but I always kept him filed in the back of my brain. He has this look of "realness" that you just can't find through a casting agency. Same with Bob Glazier (Twan). When Chris gave his blessing to cast Bob as Twan I got inspired and re-wrote the character for him. Thank god we had them because the film would have sucked if anybody else had gotten the roles.

  Chris Woods - Bob and Jules are diamonds in the rough here in the acting community.  I can't see the film without them in it.  They both stole the show and make the movie.  There two of the best actors I ever directed.


10. What can you tell us about your new anthology film?

John Miller - It's a lot of our pre-Amerikan Holokaust short films. If we missed you with the extreme depravity of our last film then maybe this one’s more your speed. Some great creepiness and atmosphere as well as some fun stuff I think our fans will dig.

   Chris Woods - Yeah it's films that go back to even 1997.  But most of the films were short in the last five years.  We're hoping the fans will enjoy the film all the different stories.


11. Have you picked a name for it yet?

John Miller - Make Them Die Sleazy.


12. According to IMDB American Holokaust cost around $1,000 to make, did your new film cost more or less?

John Miller - All totalled maybe a little less.

   Chris Woods - I would say less.


13. Romero or Carpenter?

John Miller - I'm more of a Carpenter type of guy.

   Chris Woods - Romero.


14. Ed Wood or Coffin Joe?

John Miller - Coffin Joe. But Ed Woods cheapness is a major inspiration.

   Chris Woods - Ed Wood.


15. Alien or Aliens?

John Miller - Aliens

   Chris Woods - Alien.


 16. Rob Zombie or Eli Roth?

John Miller - Rob Zombie.

   Chris Woods - Rob Zombie.


17. American Horror Story or The Walking Dead?

John Miller - Neither. I don't do that TV drama shit.

   Chris Woods - The Walking Dead, but I also like American Horror Story, but if I had to pick one it would be Walking Dead.


18. Bad Practical FX or Good CGI?

John Miller - Bad practical FX all day every day.

   Chris Woods - Bad Practical FX.  Fuck CGI!


19. Oldschool Porn or Modern Porn?

John Miller - Old school.

   Chris Woods - Old School.


 20. Fulci or Argento?

John Miller - Fulci. Only because I can re-watch his flicks several times over. I love Argento but it's like once you've watched one you've seen them all and there's no replay value cause you already know who the killer is.

   Chris Woods - This is a tough one.  Some days it's Fulci but on others it's Argento.  Depending on my mood.  Today I'll go with Argento.



Don’t forget to head on over to the website http://www.thesleazebox.com/ for more on Americak Holokaust and more from the Guys at Sleazebox.

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