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Interview with Tory Jones of The Wicked One

Recently our very own iLL Will got to have a little Q&A with the one and only Tory Jones of Jonestown Films.

Here's how it went.

Q: How did the story of The Wicked One come to exist?

 A: The story for the Wicked One developed over a long period of time and it just sort of continued to evolve. I knew I wanted to do a serious slasher movie and return to the horror I grew up on. Everything today is Ghost stories, found footage, or paranormal and I just wanted to return to one guy with a knife causing some carnage. To me that's scarier because it happens in real life. 


Q: Did you write it? If not who did and how long did it take to write?

A: I wrote the script. Actually I wrote 4-5 versions of the script, settling on which way to go was overly stressful. Again I just wanted to make sure that this film was a serious return to horror.


Q: How did you and co-director Gregory Brock meet?

A: I met Greg back in 2008 and everything I've done since then he's sort of been involved with. Greg and I met while doing a fan film. I was a young 19 year old kid wanting to make a movie and Greg was instrumental in me getting into Indie film. It’s weird me and him just work well together. And that's something I’ve come to admire about Greg. He knows what he's talking about, he graduated from film school and he's a huge asset to have on set


Q: You say The Wicked one is a true homage to old-school American horror and something fans of slasher movies will love. What are your favourite horror movies and which ones inspired you to make this movie?

 A: The one film that did it all for me was John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween. That film was the be all end all for me. All the original Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw, and Nightmare films were what I embellished myself in as a child. So I grew up with a love and appreciation for that type of film. I'm a big fan of recent slasher films too. Adam Green's Hatchet films, Silent Night, Behind the Mask. I geek out for that stuff. This film definitely has some nods and references to my influences and those Slashers I grew up on.

Q: The story of The Wicked One is set in the town of Carpenter Falls, is this a homage to director John Carpenter?

 A: Most definitely. I like to homage stuff that I love in film and because Halloween was such a big deal to me I put that in there.


 Ari Lehman

Ari Lehman

Q: Actor Ari Lehman is a legend to slasher fans and fans of the Friday The 13th franchise as he was the first person to portray Jason Voorhees, how did you meet him and get him to play a part in your movie?

 A: It's funny because I met Ari several years ago at a convention and we discussed something more similar to the Friday series. So getting him on-board for this was a big deal for me and his character is so over the top and is going to be something fans will enjoy seeing him bring to life.


Q:  Any other cult favourites making an appearance or cameos in The Wicked One?

 A: I can't say much but you'll just have to stay tuned to see. :)


Q: Did you hold open auditions or did you seek out individual actors that you had in mind?

A: You sort of learn who you work well with over different films. You figure out who are fun and a pleasure to work with instead of the ones you're like ugh what a fucking hassle. So I definitely walked into this with actors and actresses in mind. They're all in there and they're all insanely talented.


 Tyler Mane

Tyler Mane

Q: Are there any actors in the horror scene that you'd like to work with in the future? 

A: Tyler Mane. He's actually good friends with our lead Jack Norman who plays the Wicked One. I'd love to work with him and I'd be lying if I said that the fan boy in me doesn't want to work with Danielle Harris. That's a dream of mine. Maybe for the sequel ;)


Q: Where are you in the production/post-production process at the moment and when do you hope to have the movie finished and released by?

A: We start filming in September and hopefully plan to release it early 2015.

  Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris


Q: Are you going to go on the convention/festival route with The Wicked One? If so which ones do you hope to show it at?

A: We plan to get the film into as many conventions as possible and hopefully get distribution.

Q:1. Judging by your first film Halloween Homecoming and your previous answers you're obviously a fan of Carpenter's original Halloween. Did you like Rob Zombies take on it? Would you take the job if you were offered to remake it again, if so how would you do it differently?  

 A: its weird Rob gets shit for his version from a WHOLE LOT of people. And he gets even more shit for his sequel. I think to want a shot for shot remake of Carpenter's is pointless. That film already exists and you can see it at anytime. I personally may be in the minority but I enjoyed the reimagining and the sequel. I thought the sequel was the most original in the series in a long time. And if you look at what the imagery and metaphors are for things in that film... man Rob is a genius. Most people bitch and whine about wanting the same thing over and over again and it's pointless. As far as a remake, I know it's happening at some point. I think I'd make Michael the Shape again. And try to do an original tale. I'm a big fan of the comics. I'd probably do something similar to Halloween Nightdance.


Q: Any other classics or obscure crapfests you'd like to remake?

A: I'd like to stick to my original stuff honestly. Fanboys are too hard to please.


Q: Tell us a little about your 2012 movie The Killbillies?

A: Killbillies ended up being a little more Horror/Comedy then I envisioned which is fine I guess. It's about a family reunion that is broken up by a family of backwoods serial killers. It's like the Strangers only redneck. I had an awesome time on that film. You can actually see it for free right now on youtube. Better watch it while you can!


Q: When you're finished with The Wicked One have you any other projects on the horizon?

 A: Hopefully this film achieves success and we can move forward with a sequel. I always envisioned it as a trilogy but time will tell.


Thank you and best of luck with The Wicked One and everything else you do in the future.

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