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The History Of Horror Part 2 ( The Victims Of The Genre And Understanding The Fans.)

This article is dedicated to all the fans of Horror and all its sub-genres, and a case study into the psychological personality differences of the victims of SLASHER FILMS.

Even in the genre's first beginnings people have always been fascinated with this type of storytelling. Some psychologists and psychotherapists have theorized the reason why people enjoy or love this genre is because of our need to understand the darkness that is inside each of us or we ourselves have some type of violent urge within us .

My thoughts are a little more extended then that. I believe not only are we fascinated with that dark aspect within us, but we also really appreciate a great scary story no matter where it comes from ( Books , Movies , TV Shows, Comic Books , Graphic Novels , Video-games Etc.)

No matter what your avenue of thrills and chills of Horror and all its sub-genres comes from. To my belief it is the most honest of all the genres.

Case in point take a look at  SLASHER FILMS.

A group of friends travel to a campsite ( Camp Crystal Lake, Friday The 13th ).
Each character has a different response when confronted with danger. Specifically their psychological outlook on the situation at hand and each other.



You have The Jock , The Comedian , The Whore ( My apologies for using this word to all women who are reading this now ), The Virgin which is usually a woman and the heroin of the story.


Back to the loyal fans . We all have many choices to choose from in the realm of Horror. So are we psychologically disturbed or prone to violence as some psychotherapists have said.

Answer: NO!

Because we, the fans of Horror recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. Basically we are very much normal people. Maybe we are a little more prone to violence then the usual person. But then again if you watch the news long enough you find people who do not watch these films.

For Example; you have any extremely religious person or groups like ISIS or Al-Qaida who do not. So the statements the psychiatric community have used for us are absolutely false if you look at the evidence of world history. If you happen to turn the pages of a history book you'll find that many more people have died or been killed because they believed in a different deity. This is just my opinion.

To put it simply we are a select group of individuals who are proud to call ourselves fans of Horror and all it's sub-genres. If you just like Monster films you have it, And if you just like VAMPIRE films you have those as well .

Personally I have and will always enjoy a good SLASHER FILM and VAMPIRE FILM. From the classics to the recent it doesn't matter to me. Of course I watch other things besides these. These ones just give me a lot more thrills then others. The great thing about this genre is unlike any other genre you have a wide variety to choose from.

So make your choice and be proud of it, And don't ever be ashamed of what gives you the thrills and chills that reality cannot .