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Interview with Artii Smith, Phil Simon – directors of LILIN’S BROOD

We just wanted to start this interview by saying thanks to Clint Morris for giving it to us. This Interview was not done by us but was giving to us by Clint, so thanks my friend!

Gents, how was your 2015?

2015 was a good year for us but very busy. This year was really focused on finishing Lilin’s Brood and getting it ready for the world to see.

Did you spend most of the year filming the movie?

No, we actually only filmed for two weeks during the month of February. Post production was a longer process when it came to adding in VFX and Sound Mixing.

Do you also have day jobs or is filmmaking the day job?

At the moment, filmmaking is our priority and our day job.

Which aspect of making the movie did you enjoy more – writing or directing?

Artii: I would say I enjoyed directing more, because at that point all the writing was done and we were getting a chance to really see our words come to life through our talent. It was even more fun in postproduction because we finally were able to see the story fully come together on screen.

Phil: None more then the other.  I enjoyed creating the world then watching that world exist.

How did you get Lilin’s Brood going – was it independently financed?

We created a Proof of Concept for Lilin’s Brood and we were able to independently raise financing to get the movie off the ground.

Great cast! Have any of them made a particular strong impression on you?

We were very happy with everyone’s performance. They all gave us grade A performances that we were impressed by. They were able to perform really long and elaborate scenes while delivering solid performances without stumbling over their lines. Maxine [Goynes] really dedicated herself to the role and gave us a naturalistic performance. Martin [Sensmeier] really gave us everything he had throughout the film and it will really shines through when you watch the film. Brent [King] was able to make the words his own and was very good with adlibbing, which made his character even more enjoyable.  Alberto [Barros, Jr.] gave us a solid performance and really stayed true to his character. Melinda [Milton] blew us away with her complete transformation into the alluring & mysterious Madame Plu.

Will you work with any of them again on your next project?

We definitely see ourselves working with them in different capacities again on some of our next projects.

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