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Train To Busan (2016) Review

DIRECTED BY : Yeon Sang-ho

PRODUCED BY : Lee Dong-ha

WRITTEN BY : Park Joo-suk

MUSIC BY :Jang Young-gyu


EDITED BY : Yang Jin-mo

PRODUCTION COMPANY : Next Entertainment World, RedPeter Film

DISTRIBUTED BY : Next Entertainment World

DATE OF RELEASE :May 13 , 2016 ( Cannes ), July 20 , 2016  ( South Korea )

RUNNING TIME :118 Minutes



FILM BUDGET : $9  Million

BOX OFFICE INTAKE : $87.5 Million

STARRING : Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Su-an, Kim Eui-sung, Choi Woo-shik ,Ahn So-hee



Seok-Woo is a divorced workaholic father who is traveling on a train with his young daughter Soo-an to take her to her mother’s house .   

At the beginning of their trip news hits the every news outlet all over the country covering incidents of violence caused by people who seem to exhibiting rabid behavior such as attacking and biting any human being they happen upon.

Just as the train begins to get going a woman gets on with a bite wound on her leg . Within minutes she starts to go through violent seizures . A female train attendant tries to help the woman . The woman dies . The train attendant has her back turned toward the woman when the deceased woman rises from the dead , and then attacks the train attendant by going for her exposed neck .

All of the passengers on the train witness the female train attendant trying to walk with the formerly deceased woman on her back with her head tucked into the attendant’s neck where blood is visible to everyone .

The attendant falls to the floor . The passengers try to approach to help as the woman goes for one of the passengers .

These events cause the train to be overrun by zombies . With some survivors fighting their way through many of the undead to safety including Seok-Woo and his daughter Soo-an and a few other survivors . But they will have to contend with fearful survivors in the front of the of the train who have barricaded the entrance to the car they are occupying .

It becomes not only a fight for survival but also one of what it is to be human .

Will they overcome all of these obstacles before they arrive at the Busan station .



For a zombie film Train To Busan is an absolute triumph in the genre . Not only does it give us the fear of the infectious dread as well as the taboo fear being eaten alive we all have in society today , but it also delivers what it means to be a decent human being towards within the battle of wills which was shown in the film .

All in all Train To Busan is most definitely a must see film .