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Dante's Inferno


How far would you travel for a loved one? In February 2010, Dante's love took him to the depths of hell itself.


Directing this 88 minute animation/action/fantasy/horror is Victor Cook and Mike Disa.

Some of the voices you'll hear are from: Graham McTavish as Dante, Vanessa Branch as Beatrice, Steve Blum as Lucifer, Peter Jessop as Virgil, Mark Hamill as Alighiero, Victoria Tennant as Bella, Bart McCarthy as Filippo Argenti, Kevin Michael Richardson as Phlegyas/King Minos, John Paul Karliak as The Avenger and J. Grant Albrecht as Ciacco/Farinata Uberti.

For three years Dante has been fighting in the Crusades, and now he finally gets to return home. Unfortunately, this is not the joyful moment it should be. Upon his return, Dante is greeted with the warm sight of home, and the horror of death waiting for him. He finds the servants slaughtered, his father dead and the love of his life, Beatrice, drawing her last breath. As Beatrice is going to heaven, Lucifer  tells her she has lost their bet and claims her soul taking her to hell. Now, Dante must travel to hell and cross the nine circles to get to Lucifer.  

This was a great story that has some awesome animation. One of the cool things is the animation switches styles during the movie, mixing it up for the viewer and giving you something different to look at. Some of the art wasn't my favourite but it never lessened the movie for me because there are some killer scenes. The playthrough was cool and very entertaining. Overall, it's a great flick worth a watch.

It's rated R for nudity, language and gore.

For a trip through the nine circles, this hellish journey gets 4 stars.