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Highschool of the Dead

I'm sure you remember highschool; with the love, hate, friends, enemies... drama. It had it's highs and lows right? In April 2011, a group of kids had something to complain about that we never did... zombies.

High School of The Dead.jpg

Directing this 180 minute horror/animation/action is Tetsuro Araki.

The voice cast for the English version is: Leraldo Anzaldua as Tataski Komuro, Jessica Boone as Rei Miyamoto, Taylor Hannah as Saeko Busujima, Maggie Flecknoe as Saya Takagi, Mark X. Laskowski as Kohta Hirano, Monica Rial as Shizuka Marikawa and Brittney Karbowski as Alice Maresato.

The story takes place in Japan during a world-wide zombie outbreak. A handful of students and a school nurse must do what they can to survive. Not only fighting off the growing number of zombies, but the few remaining survivors that aren't worried about anything but themselves. As society is ripped apart by this new disease, we find that the moral code is just as susceptible to being ripped apart. Part of the struggle the students are facing is trying to keep what little humanity they have left, or they risk becoming no better than the monsters they fight. Now, they must battle the undead and find a safe haven.

This review covers the first season, which was 12 episodes long, at 15 minutes each. The animation looked good, and the character design was very cool. It's a simple zombie outbreak story that runs a little slow in the first few episodes, but picks up along the way. You get a lot of teen angst and love triangles... highschool! Overall, the story stays average across the board, never getting better or worse.

It's rated TV-MA (adults) for language, violence, nudity and gore.

2 stars, for a group of kids dropping a lot of zombies.