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Resident Evil: Damantion

Have you ever done something you were told not to do? In October 2012, Leon's mission was called off, not that it stopped him from doing his job.

Directing this 100 minute animation/action/horror/sci-fi/thriller is Makoto Kamiya.

Doing the voice work is: Matthew Mercer as Leon S. Kennedy, Dave Wittenberg as Buddy/Alexander "Sasha" Kozachenko, Wendee Lee as Svetlana Belikova, Val Tasso as JD, Robin Sachs as Ataman/Ivan Judanovich, Courtenay Taylor as Ada Wong, Salli Saffioti as Ingrid Haunnigan and Michael McConnohie as Tyrant.

There've been rumors that B.O.W.'s (Bio Organic Weapons) are being used in a small European country that's in the middle of a civil war. So, special agent Leon Kennedy has been ordered to sneak in and take a look for himself to see if the rumors are true. Unfortunately, after his arrival, Leon is ordered to abort the mission and retreat immediately. Lucky for us, Leon has trouble following orders and decides to stay so he can stop any B.O.W. threat that he can find.

This CGI flick is based off of the survival horror video game Resident Evil (1996), and is also the sequel to the film Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008). Now, even though this is a sequel, it really doesn't have anything to do with the first movie. Except, a few characters make a re-appearance and the virus is still a threat to the world.

The story that writer Shotaro Suga came up with is pretty fitting for a Resident Evil title. It brings known charcter Leon back to kick ass and take names, with a few new bio-engineered threats to keep him busy.

For the most part the playthrough is cool, but it had trouble holding my attention all the way. There's a little too much walking and talking for my tastes. However, the fight scenes definitely drew me back in, and there're a couple of really cool looking ones. Now, things get pretty bloody, but there's only a bit of gore. The camera usually pans away and you hear the squish or pops as they apply.

The special effects looked great. Matter a fact, visually this one looked even better than the 2008 movie. The characters looked and moved really well, and part of that was the work done by CG directer Atsushi Doi. Also, they went with facial motion capture for the characters, which turned out looking really smooth.

Overall, yeah it dragged a bit, but I would still recommend catching it to any Resident fans.

3 stars

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