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Bio Hunter

Have you ever had something fighting to get out? In December 1995, Komada's something wasn't only fighting to get out of him, but also... to take over.

Directing this 58 minute animation/fantasy/sci-fi/horror is Yuzo Sato.

Some of the voice cast is: Matt McKenzie as Komada, Matt K. Miller as Koshigaya, Sherry Lynn as Sayaka, Mike Reynolds as Bokuda, Barry Stigler as Tabe.

There's a virus going around that most people don't know about, and the few that do don't always live to tell the tale. What makes this virus like nothing anyone has seen before is once you're infected, it starts to change you into something... monstrous. Luckily, Komada and Koshigaya, two molecular biologists, are trying to stop this virus. How is it they happen to know so much about all this? Komada is infected, yet somehow he's able to control the change that the virus causes. Unfortunately, that control is fading, which is makes finding a cure even more important.

Bio Hunter started out as a manga that was created by Fujihko Hosono. When it got the go ahead to be made into a movie, writer Yoshiaki Kawajiri, who's also known for Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust (2000) and Wicked City (1987), was grabbed to do the script.

Even though I thought the idea for this tale was cool, I had a bit of a problem with the story. You don't really get much back story for the main characters. Finding out more about Komada would have not only been cool but also would have helped the story quite a bit. You get hints at things here and there, and then things are just left and never gone back to. Leaving you with a lot of what’s and whys.

The play through was good but felt really rushed. Then again, with a 58 minute run time you don't have a lot to work with I guess. Really I think this one would have done a lot better as a series. Either way, I still liked what I saw. It has a lot of action to keep you entertained, but for what the story is about I expected more monster battles. Now, when there are some monstrous throw downs, things look cool.

The animation looked amazing, and there was definitely some imagination used to come up with the monsters. Unfortunately, when it's all said and done I didn't really have any feels floating when it was over. It definitely wasn't the worst hour of my life, but it just didn't have anything to make a lasting impression.

Overall, as a fan of anime, I say watch it. Mainly because it's one of those titles that will always come up when people are sitting around talking and now you'd know what they were talking about. If you don't care to know what they're talking about... then you're good to pass on this one.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has violence and nudity.

2 stars