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Corpse Party Tortured Souls review

Do you think surviving a traumatic experience strengthens friendships? In July 2013, we watched as a group of friends might be able to answer that question, if any of them survive.

Directing this 30 minute (4 episodes total) animation/horror is Akira Iwanaga.

Re-living the past is: Eri Kitamura as Mochida/Yuka, Yuuichi Nakamura as Kishinuma/Yoshiki, Rina Satou as Nakashima/Naomi and Hiro Shimono as Mochida/Satoshi.

After the horrible murders at Heavenly Host Elementary school, it was torn down. Now, Kisaragi Academy stands on the same haunted ground as Heavenly Host once did. Some students decide to stay at school one rainy night and preform a charm that would unite them as friends. Unfortunately, none of them expected what happens next. Soon the students realize they're not in the same school they were minutes ago. Somehow they were transported to a place where the Heavenly Host Elementary school still stands. Even worse is when the students find out they're not alone in the school. Now not only must they try and find a way back to the Kisaragi Academy, but also survive the attacks from murderous ghosts. 

Time for another random grab of anime horror, and this time I have to say I was pretty happy with what I wound up with. Apparently I watched this out of order though. Come to find out, Corpse Party: Missing Footage came out before this one. Also the Corpse Party title has seven games, four mangas and two movies in case you really dig the movie and want to check out the rest of the stuff.

I liked it, even though it would drag a bit in places. But, mind you, I have a horrible attention span. If it's not constantly shiny... you're losing me. With that being said, the pace of the show was still good, and the lulls more than made up for it as pieces of the story unfolded. I liked the supernatural story-line and the show does a pretty good job at keeping you guessing, so you didn't really know what was going to happen next. It's just a constant "who's going to live or die" - I like it when a movie can keep me guessing.

The play-through of the movie was cool and it held my attention, even during those slow spots. Since every story needs a back story, Corpse Party slowly doles it out, but even at the points it drags you're usually getting an eye full of some bloody good work by the animation department.

Now I don't know how many of you like sub-titles, for me it's a mood thing, so I'll warn you ahead of time. You'll be doing some reading with this one. I looked around but couldn't find a dubbed version. That's not to say one doesn't exist, just not where I was looking. Either way, it's a good movie. No you won't see gore every second, but between what you do get and the story-line it's a good flick to catch.

It's rated R for violence, language and gore.

3 stars