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Deadspace: Aftermath

If you survive an attack by a deadly swarming monsters, you could probably survive anything right? In January 2011, we watched as four people would find out the answer to that question.

Dead Space Aftermath.jpg

Directing this 85 minute animation/horror/sci-fi is Mike Disa.

Doing the voice work is: Christopher Judge as Nickolas Kuttner, Ricardo Chavira as Alejandro Borges, Gwendoline Yeo as Isabel Cho, Curt Cornelius as Nolan Stross, Graham McTavish as Captain Campbell, Peter Woodward as Lead Interrogator, Sunil Malhotra as Omar Nayim, Karri Wahlgren as Rin/Sandra, Yorgo Constantine as Commander Sergenko and H. Richard Greene as The Overseer.

After contact with the USG Ishimura is lost, the USG O'Bannon is sent out to find out what is going on. Strangely enough, contact is lost with that ship also. Wanting to know what's going on, a ship called Abraxis is sent out to get answers. Once the Marine battleship has docked with the O'Bannon they find four survivors that look like they've been through hell. Now these four individuals recount the events leading up to the horrific events that took down their ship, and their bloody fight for survival.

This sequel to the animated flick Deadspace: Downfall (2008) had a few creative minds working on the story. Like Mike Disa, Chuck Beaver and Joe Goyette that came up with the story, while Brandon Auman helped with the story but also came up with the screenplay. The story-line is a lot like the first movie. Life is good, something bad happens that's followed by something horrific that floods a confined space filled with people. The results? A lot of people being killed in painful ways by some pretty cool looking monsters.

Even though it follows along the same path as the last one, I did like the different way they went with it. They mixed it up by having the survivors tell the story. Yes we've seen that kind of story before, but I thought it was a good change up, and made for an interesting play-through that kept my attention.

The animation was cool, and everything moved really well. Cool thing, they mix it up a bit this time and throw different styles of animation at you while the story unfolds, even some CGI.

Overall, it's worth a watch but it doesn't have anything extremely cool or new to make it a "must see".

It's rated NR (not rated) but has nudity, violence, language and gore.

3 stars