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Lady Death

Have you ever made a decision in life that you couldn't go back on? In October 2004, Hope just wanted the pain to stop. Unfortunately, her decision left her wide open for even more pain.

Directing this 80 minute action/animation/horror is Andy Orjuela.

The voice cast is: Christine M. Auten as Lady Death/Hope, Mike Kleinhenz as Lucifer/Matthias, Andy McAvin as Pagan, Rob Mungle as Cremator and Chris Patton as Niccolo. 

As Hope was being burned at the stake, she was given an offer to be set free, so of course she took it. What she didn't realize until it was too late was all of this was planned. Lucifer wanted Hope in hell with him so he could corrupt her soul. When his plan failed to work he banished her to the depths of hell. Now alone and facing the horrors of hell Hope must find the strength to survive, especially if she wants to make Lucifer pay for what he's done. When this fight is over, there may be a new ruler in Hell.

This flick is based off of the comic book character Lady Death that was created by Brian Pulido and first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 (1991).

Kind of a cool thing here. Writer Carl Macek came up with the story, but then Lady Death creator Brian Pulido sat down and did the screenplay for this quick flick. Now as much of a fan as I am of Lady Death, I can't say this one really caught my attention. They follow the comic to a degree, with some things changed. Why the changes, I'm not to sure, but hey, whatever.

The story lets you in on how Lady Death came to be, which is cool don't get me wrong. It's just that the playthrough was kind of slow and there were quite a few spots where nothing was happening. Then you add in a weak script to an already slow treading movie and I wound up bored and waiting for the ending. 

I will say the animation looked good and the character design that Orjuela came up with was pretty cool. Now, it's not the best animation I've seen. Oddly enough for a flick that came out in 2004, it had a 80's feel to it in the animation style and the playthrough.

Overall, as much as a Lady Death animated flick would be awesome, this one wasn't. I just felt like they could have done more considering this was Lady Death's first go. Like a few more action scenes or a healthier script. Instead of using her training session as filler, they could have had longer fight scenes where it mattered, like the head bad guys. So as much as I wish I could say "You have to see this!!". I have to go with, if you haven't seen it already... you're not missing out on anything. Who knows, since we now live in the land of remakes and reboots, maybe someone will give Lady Death another try.

It's rated NR (not rated) but does have violence and (a little) gore.

2 stars