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Tokyo Ghoul: Jack

Have you ever seen something that changed the way you saw the world around you? In September 2015, what Taishi saw made him realize how dangerous the world around him really was.

Directing this 30 minute action/horror/supernatural/drama is Souichi Shimada.

Some of the voice cast is: Daisuke Namikawa as Kishou Arima, Ryouhei Kimura as Taishi Fura, Saori Hayami as Uruka Minami and Rintarou Nishi as Yakumo Oomori.

Taishi Fura wittnessed the ghoul attack that took the life of his friend, and almost the life of Taishi's sister. Luckily, a fellow student named Kishou Arima showed up and ran the ghoul off before any more lives were lost. Unbeknowest to Kishou's fellow classmates, Kishou is a ghoul investigator. Now that Kishou's secret is out, it's time for him to be relocated to a new school, but that doesn't sit well with Taishi. Knowing how dangerous the ghoul is, Taishi still wants revenge for his friends life, and he knows the only way that will happen is if Kishou stays and helps him. 

This OVA (original animation video) is part of the Tokyo Ghoul series that started out as a magna called Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (2013). The Tokyo Ghoul manga started out back in 2011, which was created by Sui Ishinda. After Tokyo Ghoul found it's fan base it took off from there. All told the anime has 2 seasons of a televison series, Tokyo Ghoul (2014) Tokyo Ghoul √A (Root A) (2015). Two OVA's, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (2015) and Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (2015), which comes out in December. Along with the mangas and animes there are also a couple of video games out.

The script that Chuuhi Mikasano wrote is a prequel to the Tokyo Ghoul series and is based on the work originally created by Sui Ishida. It takes us back to the school years of two CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul) personal. I thought the flick had a solid story and didn't really leave many questions after it was all said and done. Mikasano did a good job of making something that fit well into the anime run. One would think, "How hard is it to write a prequel and make it good...?" Well, one could think that, but unfortunately I've seen prequels turn out pretty bad and did a horrible job at fitting into the original storyline.

The playthrough was good and entertaining. It starts off a kind of slow, but picks up pretty quick and doesn't slow down again. Out of everything this one has going for it my only complaint is the running time, 30 minutes just wasn't enough. There's a lot of blood flowing around during the fights but really the most gory we get is a quick impalement. Another thing that worked for this one is the small cast. The story basically covers four people so you don't have a lot of jumping around, just a straight shooting story and fighting. Two things I enjoy in my animes. 

The special effects looked good and the fight scenes were awesome to watch, but unfortunately they were quick fights. Kazuhiro Miwa came up with some good character designs, and everything flowed together really well. 

Overall, this one's worth catching for anime fans, and especially for any Tokyo Ghoul fans out there. 

It's rated R for violence and language. 

3 stars