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Pet Shop of Horrors Review

Have you ever gone to a pet store looking for something to fill the place of something or someone you've lost? In March 1999, a shop owner named Count D, always has just what you're looking for.

Directing this 4 part episode (22 minutes each) animation/fantasy/horror is Toshio Hirata.

Some of the cast is: Masaya Onosaka as Leon Orcot, Satsuki Yukino as Jill, as  and Toshihiko Seki as Count D.

Count D runs a unique kind of pet shop in Chinatown, where he sells rare and hard to find animals. Count D finds the kind of pet that will fill a need or desire for you, but you have to remember, like with any pet, to take good care of it. Of course with such rare animals as these, there are rules you must follow when caring for your pet that must not be broken. So, once Count D has found the pet you need, told you the rules of how to take care of it, and signed the contract, the rest... is all up to you.

Pet Shop of Horrors started out as a manga that was written by Matsuri Akino and had a 10 volume run from 1995 - 1998. Then a second series was created that was also written by Akino, called Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo that had a 12 volume run from 2005 - 2013.

The stories for this horror anthology was written by Waco maco. I've not read the manga but after watching the anime, I may have found a reason for checking it out. The storyline is about a pet shop owner that finds the right "pet" for you. The kind of pet that will fill a need or desire for you, but if you fail to take care of it, the consequences can be deadly. The story has some good writing that tells different stories about human nature, or more so, the fault of our nature throughout the anime.

The play-through is really good and entertaining. Only downside I have with this one is it's too short, four episodes just isn't enough. Upside with the short episodes, you get a quick clean story without any drag time. Now, there's not a lot of gore, you'll get some body parts laying around after they've been ripped off, but that's about it. Also, there isn't much mystery to the stories. Once you've met the new pet owner and heard the rules you pretty much know how things are going to go down. Yet, it's still enjoyable to watch as things play through.

The animation looked really good for something that came out of the late 90's. Unfortunately, not all anime have that going for them. Hisashi Abe and Rintaro came up with some good looking character designs. I do wish there was more of an imaginative design with the monster element. All the "monsters" are fairly tame looking and even when they change it's pretty simple and plain looking.

The voice cast did a good job but nothing stood out.

Overall, this one isn't one you catch for the blood and guts. Or because you're looking for something scary. However, this is definitely worth your time to watch because it has some really cool stories to tell.

It's rated R for violence and nudity.

3 stars

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