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Biohazard 4D Executer Review

Would you walk into a zombie infested town if your job told you to? In November 2000, a rescue team had to fight through a hoard of zombies to find who they were looking for. 

Directing this 19 minute animation/short/horror is Koichi Ohata. 

Some of the cast is: Masaki Aizawa as Claus, Hiroto Torihata as Roger, Hideto Erihara as Ed, Tadasuke Ohmizu as Robert, Yoshyiunki Kaneko as Norman and Yurika Hino as Cameron. 

Dr. Cameron was researching a new type of virus when it somehow escaped the lab and infected the occupants of the town she was working in. Now, it's up to 5 members of the U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) to go there and try to find/rescue Dr. Cameron and her research.  

While aimlessly clicking through YouTube land I found this short bit of entertainment. Biohazard is a 3D animated short that's based on the Resident Evil survival horror series. The short was created by Capcom in cooperation with Visual Science Laboratory. This one doesn't really have a place in the RE (Resident Evil) timeline, Biohazard is considered a side story for the fans of the series.

The story was written by Daisuke Okamoto and supervised by the game developers. It's a pretty basic story that fits the RE tales. There's a T-Virus outbreak, violent deaths, and before you know it... zombies everywhere. Unfortunately, we miss out on all the fun stuff like the actual zombie outbreak and the story picks up with the clean up crew showing up. Once the story starts we get thrown right into the mix of things and before you know it... it's over.

The play-through was OK and it kept  a really good pace as the story unfolded. Even though it's a short film, they used every second well and told a complete story. Downside: this one doesn't have any character development or room (time wise) to build up any tension. So, it ends up being a bit of a bland flick.

The effects look a bit rough for today's time, but pretty sharp for something from 2000. The character movement isn't very smooth, but it doesn't show up as much during the creature fight scenes. As for the gore level, it's mostly bloody scenes, but things get pretty gory towards the end.  

Overall, it's not the best looking flick, but it's a cool tale to check out if you're looking for a quick zombie injection. 

It's rated UR (unrated) but has violence. 

3 stars