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Review: Occult Academy

If you had the chance to go to a school and study the occult, would you? In July 2010, the academy was a dream come true for some students, but to Maya it was just a place full of painful memories. 

Directing this 13 episode (24 minutes each) mystery/supernatural/horror is Tomohiko Ito.

Some of the voice cast is: Yoko Hikasa as Maya Kumashiro, Takahiro Mizushima as Fumiaki Uchida, Yu Kobayashi as Chihiro Kawashima, Ayahi Takagaki as Ami Kuroki, Takehito Koy. 

asu as JK and Hiroki Takahashi as Smile.

After the death of Maya's father, headmaster of Waldstein Academy, she returns to the academy to take his place as Headmaster. This academy isn't like most schools. Here they teach the students about the occult, which is something Maya doesn't care for, and the reason why she wants to shut the school down.

Unfortunately, Maya doesn't get much time to settle into her new role as headmaster before strange occurrences start popping up not only around the school but also around town. One of the those strange occurrences was the arrival of a time traveler named Fumiaki. Come to find out, Nostradamus prophesied about a coming apocalypse that would consume the world, and in the future where Fumiaki's from... it came true. So, Fumiaki has been sent back to Maya's time, 1999, to try and stop it all from happening. Fumiaki knows when the catastrophe starts, and that the academy was at the center of it all when it happened. However, Fumiaki doesn't know what the key element(s) was that instigates his future apocalypse. Maya and Fumiaki will have to work together if they're going to figure out what brings about the end of the world, and stop it... before it's to late.

This was a title I had never heard of before I checked it out, and it turned out to be a cool find. In case you decide to look for this one and check it out sometime, you should know that Occult Academy is also known as Seikimatsu Okaruto Gakuin. Now, usually you see mangas being turned into animes, but not this time. Here it's an anime first that has a manga being adapted from the show.

Yuniko Ayana, who wrote the script, came up with a good story. I liked it because of the way they tell the story, the layout makes it a bit different than some of the animes I've seen over time, which helps it stand out from the rest. Another thing I liked was the writing. As the story unfolds you don't see the twists and turns until they hit you with them, which adds a nice unpredictable angle to it.

The play-through is a bit misleading, which I also liked. I wasn't sure what was going on story-wise at first. It starts out with a fast pace scene then switches over to a whole new location with a completely different pace that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the opening. Eventually, everything starts to come together and things start to make sense. With everything that was going on during the show, it held my attention the entire time. One thing that made it hard to get through the anime was the Maya character, who was constantly flipping out (getting mad or thrown fits). At first, yeah, I got why Maya flipped out in the beginning, but after awhile it just got old and annoying. 

The animation looked good and everything flowed smoothly. I liked what Takahiro Chiba and Gatou Asou came up with for the character designs. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of fight scenes and nothing really gory or bloody about this one. Also, with the title occult academy and 13 episodes to play around with, I was expecting a lot more occult stuff to come into play. The lack of occultiness doesn't hurt the anime, personally I was just expecting more from it. 

Overall, this one surprised me and I liked the way they twisted the end around, which makes this one worth checking. 

It's rated R for violence and languge. 

3 stars