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Review: Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto

Has someone ever caught your eye, but you don't know why? In December 2015, something odd about Hori caught Tsukiuama's attention, and he had to figure out what it was.

Directing this 24 minute horror/drama/animation Tadahito Matsubayashi. 

Some of the cast is: Mamoru Miyano as Shuu Tsukiuama, Megumi Han as Chie Hori, Kanae Itou as Ikaru and Chie Nakamura as Matsumae. 

During one of his feedings, Tsukiuama is caught red handed by a girl named Hori who was looking to take the perfect photograph. Tsukiuama knows he should "take care" of Hori after she witnessed him kill someone, but something about her intrigues him.  

So, this is the latest addition to hit the anime side of Tokyo Ghoul, which started out in 2014. All told, there's the Tokyo Ghoul series with two seasons  (Tokyo Ghoul (2014) and Tokyo Ghoul √A (Root A) (2015). Then two OVA's, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (2015) and this one. Not to mention the manga that started it all back in 2011, which was created by Sui Ishinda.

Now, just like Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, this one is also a prequel to the series. Souichi Shimada, who wrote the script, came up with a story that gives us some background on the characters Tsukiuama and Hori, which is cool because I always dig a good backstory. However, after everything was said and done, this one has become my least favorite of the TG (Tokyo Ghoul) animes.

Now, I would be OK with a TG anime that doesn't have fight scenes if the story was good, unfortunately that wasn't the case here. I don't know how big the character Tsukiuama  was/is in the manga, but I don't really think he stood out enough in the series to warrant a stand alone movie. Yeah, Tsukiuama is an odd character that stands out, but just not interesting. Especially when there were a ton of other characters that would have made a prequel tons more interesting to watch.  

As for the play-through, it starts off really good, for about... two seconds. Then it slows down and stays at a slow and steady pace for the rest of the movie. Except for the very opening scene there's no action, fight scenes or gore in this one. Between the boring banter and a slow story, this one had trouble holding my attention. In a prequel about ghouls, you don't really get a lot of ghoul-ness from the story. Yeah, they're talking about ghouls feeding and Tsukiuama even takes a few bites of someone, but overall seriously lacking when it's all said and done. 

The animation looked really good and everything moved smoothly, which is something I've come to expect with the TG title. This time around however, it lacks the same level of imagination in the character designs, that we're used to seeing in the previous TG animations.   

Overall, if you're a fan of the anime then here you go. Otherwise, (sadly) you're not missing out on anything if you don't catch it. 

It's rated NR (not rated) but has violence. 

1 star