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Gantz-O Review

If aliens invaded, would you fight or hide? In October 2016, Kato decided fighting was the only way he was going to see his brother again.

Directing this 95-minute animation/drama/fantasy is Yasushi Kawamura.

Some of the voice cast is: Kaiji Tang as Masaru Kato, Laura Post as Reika Shimohira, Kyle McCarley as Joichiro Nishi, Todd Haberkorn as Yoshikazu Suzuki, Cristina Vee as Anzu Yamasaki, Doug Erholtz as Hachiro Oka and Cherami Leigh as Gantz Ball.

The last thing Kato remembers is getting stabbed on a subway platform. Now he's in a room with strangers staring at a big black orb called Gantz. Just as he's trying to get his bearings everyone is transported out of the room and they are suddenly fighting for their lives against things he's never seen before. They come to find out, Kato has been pulled into an interstellar fight for earth. Gantz pulls people into the fight after they die in real life and gives them the ability to stop the alien invasion. Only Gantz has set this fight up more like a video game. Players earn points as they fight to be used to upgrade weapons, bring dead players back into the game or for their freedom. 100 points and you can be released from the game and returned to your previous life with no memory of ever playing. All you have to do is live long enough to rack up the points...

We come to find out, the movie is based off the manga called Gantz (2000 - 2013), which was written by Hiroya Oku and has 37 volumes. Then a spin-off came out called Gantz-G (2015 - present) that was also written by Oku. Along with the manga to keep you entertained there's a 2 season anime called Gantz (2004), 2 live action films (Gantz 2011 & Gantz: Perfect Answer 2011). If that's not enough to fill your time then you can try and find the video game that was released for the PlayStation 2 called Gantz: The Game (2005), which was a third-person shooter.

For those that are familiar with the manga, the screenplay that Tsutomu Kuroiwa came up with covers the Osaka Arc. For those new to Gantz, the story, which takes place in Japan, covers an alien invasion that is fought by using humans that have died. Our main hero was stabbed to death on a train platform and then he wakes up in a room with strangers. A black orb called Gantz can bring the dead back to life and use them as players/fighters to fight off the invasion. If you die in the game... you die for good.

Now, this one is more sci-fi with some killer looking horror-ish moments. There's a Geisha woman around the beginning of the film that reminded me of the Silent Hill nurses for example. Watching it brings up a lot of questions that the film doesn't answer. Like where the monsters (invading aliens) come from, why the aliens are attacking us or how all this Gantz-ness came about in the first place. While there are more questions than answers, you get distracted from asking those question by all the killer eye candy that the film has to offer. Like the fight scenes, monsters and cool weapons.

I will say, even though I liked the movie, I didn't care for the ending. They went with the "wrap everything up in a nice neat bow" routine, which was disappointing to me. Had they cut the film just a few minutes earlier I would've been happier with it.

The playthrough was great! It opens with a fight scene and the pace doesn't really slow down from there. It's when you're watching the credits that all the questions come rushing to your brain and you're trying to fill in the blanks. Even with the story holes and not knowing exactly what the timetable is during the film... I've now watched it like 3 times. Yeah, it's that cool to watch and it was still just as cool during the re-watch because I was still finding things in the scenes that I hadn't caught the first time. I will warn everyone that things do get gory from time to time. Like limbs being shot off, or people get cut in half and they don't cut away from the scene, you get to see it all happen.

What makes the special effects look so great in this one is that it's a 3DCG film. The characters/monsters look great and everyone moves so smoothly. There's a lot of imagination used in this one. Between the monsters, weapons and fight scenes your eyes will be glued to the screen.

Unfortunately, with most book to screen projects, things are changed or left out because they can't figure out how to squeeze it in due to story or time restraints. After watching this one I've decided to check out the live action films and might check out the manga to see if I can get filled in on some of the stuff the movie left out.

Overall, it's more of a sci-fi flick, but it's got a lot of cool things that make it one of those films that's worth checking out.

It's rated UR (unrated) but has nudity, violence, and language.

3 stars