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All Hallow's Eve (2013)

All Hallow's Eve is the first feature length film from director Damien Leone who previously directed the 2011 killer clown short film 'Terrifier' which seemed to have a huge online following and I thought was great. He also directed a short called 'The 9th Circle' which I haven't seen yet but will be searching for asap.

All Hallow's Eve begins with babysitter Sarah watching over 2 kids Casey and Timmy on Halloween. The brother and sister have just returned from trick'r'treating and are counting their candy while watching Night Of The Living Dead on TV when Timmy finds an old vhs tape mysteriously thrown in with all his sweets. Reluctant at first, finally Sarah allows the children to watch what’s on the video tape. On the tape is a collection of short horror films, the first featuring a girl waiting for a train in an old subway station on Halloween. After being freaked out by a scary clown the girl suddenly wakes up trapped with several other girls in what looks like the sewers or an abandoned part of the subway. When some of them try to escape they are attacked by some of the coolest looking mutant/creatures I’ve seen since Nightbreed. The story's ending is so gory and terrifying that the babysitter turns the film off and sends the kids to bed, eventually continuing watching the rest of it on her own. The second story features a girl talking to her friend on the phone about how much she loves her new home and how quiet and secluded it is, only to hear strange noises outside followed by a power-shortage and other frightful happenings. The third story is about a girl driving on a dark road late at night, when she stops at a gas station she bumps into the same clown from the first story.... The further into the film Sarah gets the more frightened she gets as she and the children upstairs keep hearing noises inside the house. She doesn't know if it's just what’s on the tape that is freaking her out or is it something a lot more sinister, and real!

All Hallow's Eve is basically a horror anthology in the style of classics like Creepshow and Tales From The Darkside:The Movie but with the 'found videotape' plot it's more similar to recent films like VHS,VHS2 and Slaughter Tales. It has a cool 80s feel about it, even more so with its retro electro score. It looks great for its' modest budget and has some really great looking gore fx. Also, 'Art the Clown' is one of the creepiest looking clowns I’ve seen since Gurdy the Clown in Marcus Koch's 100 Tears. A great old-school slasher and perfect viewing for this time of year.