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Amerikan Holokaust (2013)


Amerikan Holokaust is a found footage film in the vein of The August Underground Trilogy and Guinea Pig:Flower Of Flesh And Blood but it's a different breed of sick puppy altogether. It is directed by Chris Woods and produced/written by John Miller and Chris Woods who are also known as The Sleaze Box which is the name of their YouTube channel. On their channel they do reviews, DVD updates, top five and loads of other types of videos showing their love for horror, exploitation and anything sleazy. I've been subscribed to their channel and watching their videos for months now so when I found out they had made a film I just knew I had to check it out, and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed.


The film begins with a written message telling us that the footage we are about to watch was found by New Forge Police Department on the property of Michael Mashburn. Mashburn and his friend Antwan Mercer are Vietnam vets who spend their days getting drunk and kidnapping women before submitting them to the worst forms of depravity while keeping them captive in Mercer's cabin. They tie them up, beat them, rape them and do all types of sick twisted stuff to them before killing them and discarding them like a used condom. Speaking of condoms, one stand out line in the film that made me laugh was "What's the point in being a rapist if you have to wear a condom?” While at home with his teacher wife Rose, Michael Mashburn seems like just a regular good for nothing slacker - little does she know what her husband and his friend get up to on a daily basis. When they're not raping and killing they're reminiscing about the good old days in Nam and how they loved to kill people there. It's plain to see that both these guys were batshit crazy way before the war even started!


As you can probably tell by the content Amerikan Holokaust is not for the squeamish or easily offended. It has tons of nudity, be it poontang, titties or old-man-balls. It has lots of violence towards women and some blood & guts (literally) that I'm sure will please the avid gorehounds. The thing that stands out the most for me is the performances by both lead actors, Jules Sceiro as Michael Mashburn and Bob Glazier as Antwan Mercer. These guys really have the psychotic killer Vietnam veteran role down to perfection. The film looks and sounds great for a shot-on-video found footage movie and I really liked the cool editing and the psychedelic look it had. According to IMDB it was made for an estimate of $1000 which I think is amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the depraved duo of Chris Woods and John Miller has in store for the future!