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Nothing Left To Fear (2013)


Nothing Left To Fear is the first film from director Anthony Leonardi III and is produced by legendary guitarist Slash who also provided some of the music for the film. It stars the always entertaining Clancy Brown as the town's old pastor, James Tupper and Anne Heche as the new pastor and his wife. it also stars Rebekah Brandes who I know from a favourite film of mine Bellflower.

The film begins with Pastor Dan and his family travelling cross-country to the town of his new parish, where his new job and his family's new lives lay waiting for them. Not knowing their way there they stop at a farm for directions. There they meet farmer Mason who seems aggressive at first but changes his tune as soon as he realizes it’s the town's new pastor and his family and offers to show them the way to their new home. At the farm they also encounter Noah the weird farmhand who likes to stare and slit sheep’s' throats. They arrive at their new house to the surprise of having half the town show up to help them unload the moving truck and bring their belongings inside for them. There they are greeted by Pastor Kingsman (Brown), the man who Dan is replacing and the one who chose Dan as the towns' new spiritual leader. He welcomes them with open arms and a nice big cake, which was obviously baked by someone with a sweet 'tooth' as we find out later. Eldest daughter Rebecca (Brandes) eventually takes a shine to Noah the weird farmhand who seems like a nice guy after all and offers to show her around her new town. Eventually the two form a relationship which doesn't please Pastor Kingsman who is Noah's supposed foster father, since he has other plans for the new pastor and his family - and it isn't exactly the plan of God.....

Nothing Left To Fear is your basic 'fish out of water' story with the pastor and his family struggling to fit in with their new surroundings but its' also a new entry in the  long line of films that fall into the category of cults/human sacrifice/worship of Satan & God(s). The most famous of these types of films being The Wicker Man, The Devil Rides Out, Rosemary's Baby etc. , more recent entries being films like Jug Face and The Lords Of Salem.

The film had some really good performances from all the lead cast, it looked great and the music was great as well but that being said I found myself slightly left down by it. The story was fairly good but not very original, and even though we figure out early on that the town has some sort of a curse on it and needs to sacrifice people to survive we don't find out why, when or how this curse came about. The demons in it didn't look great either, looked like typical demons /possessed people that are in most new American horror films today like Insidious and The Conjuring. They also looked very similar to the ghosts in the Japanese film Pulse and its' American remake with the huge black eyes and mouth and a black oily substance flowing through and all over their bodies, sticking to whatever and whoever they touch. There was a cat & mouse chase between a demon and some of the lead characters that just seemed way too long and could have been trimmed down a bit and while there was a couple of jump scares at the start of the film they were absent for the rest of it. Also the ending was just way too predictable and obvious; it looked like a lazy way out to me. I would have preferred a totally crazy and ridiculous but original ending like the one in Cabin in the Woods but hey that's just me. I didn't dislike Nothing Left to Fear; I just didn't enjoy it as much as other recent ghost stories like Sinister, The Conjuring and Insidious.

Official Trailer for 'Nothing Left To Fear (2013) In theaters October 4 | On DVD and On Demand October 8 https://www.facebook.com/nothinglefttofearmovie