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Make Them Die Sleazy! (2014)

Make Them Die Sleazy! is the second feature film from directors John Miller and Chris Woods aka The Sleaze Box who previously infected the world with their faux snuff/found footage soon-to-be underground cult classic Amerikan Holokaust. (Check out my review of that here also) Much different to their first, this is an anthology style movie similar to classics such as Creepshow and Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, but instead of just three or four short stories tied together with a wrap around story we're treated to eight!

The movie begins at a cool looking horror convention where afterwards one of its' attendees (Sleaze Box regular Tobian Thompson) goes back to her hotel room to take off her costume unwind. Flicking through the TV channels she eventually comes across a horror show presented by Mr. Sleaze ( Joel D. Wynkoop) who is like a twisted cross between The Green Goblin and The Joker. He introduces the first story 'SPAVENTARE' where a girl returns home to her apartment and proceeds to go online and check her emails. Flicking through several photos received in an email she comes across one with a group of people but it has a really creepy dude in the middle staring straight at the camera, or maybe at her... Suddenly as she is watching TV the guy comes walking up the hall towards her but disappears as soon as she turns in his direction. For the next few scenes he pops up behind her or next to her where only we can see him but she cant. This is definitely one of those occasions where yelling "He's behind you!" at the TV is completely justifiable.

Without spoiling too much this story has all the makings of a good Twilight Zone episode and an ending to match. The next story 'VOMIT SOUP' see Joel D. Wynkoop give one of his most psychotic performances since Tim Ritter's Creep! He goes bezerk and stabs his wife to death and what follows is some subliminal and metaphorical craziness. The third story 'WHITE LIE' is a well made motion comic style short featuring Wynkoop again. He plays Frank, a guy who is cheating on his wife when suddenly the car he and his mistress are in gets hijacked by a maniac who seems to know more about Frank than he does himself.

The fourth story 'HENNESSY X RED' stars Wynkoop as a landlord who believes one of of his tenents is a vampire , turns out he could be right! 'LATE TALK WITH JACK CARLSON' stars Wynkoop as a late night chat show host in his twilight years who has only a few shows left before the network replaces him with a younger host. A stranger appears and offers him a second chance at stardom but when an offer sounds too good to be true it usually is. In 'MONDO SOCKO' Wynkoop plays Detective Royce as he and his partner Detective Roberts (Joe Makowski) are cops on the trail of a killer who targets students, steals theirs socks and uses them for his own private sock-puppet shows. 'SHADOW OF A VICTIM' is a short tale of a gangster haunted by his past, shot in cool black & white similar to film noir or David Lynch's Eraserhead. And finally in 'TASTE ME' Wynkoop and Wakowski return once again as Detectives Royce and Roberts. The case of a strangled call girl leads them to her former place of work, a brothel run by TastyChicks.Com where the girls are just as shady and crazy as their customers. This story also features a few familiar faces from Amerikan Holokaust. 

Make Them Die Sleazy! isn't something new to the horror genre but with the bigger studios churning out hit and miss anthologies like VHS, ABCs Of Death and Theatre Bizarre over the last few years its great to see someone making a horror anthology just as good and in some cases better for a next to nothing budget. The cast is great, especially Wynkoop and Wakowski who are the best cop duo since Tango & Cash - I'd love to see them team up with directors Woods and Miller again in the future. Fans of Amerikan Holokaust and "extreme horror only" probably wont like this outing from The Sleaze Box but I think fans of all types of horror and anyone with an open mind should appreciate it. Also its great to see John Miller and Chris Woods change things up and do something a little different from Amerikan Holokaust as it shows the world that they're not just a one-trick-pony and I for one can't wait to see what they do next.

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