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Music Store Massacre (2013)

Music Store Massacre is the directorial debut from Gordon Price.

The film begins with Reverend Smith (Frank Bliss) going crazy in his basement spouting out religious verses while mutilating his own body. When his sister-in-law Detective Patterson (Collette England) calls over to check up on him with her partner Det.Young (Dave Meadows) she finds him in this bloody crazed state. Young hears gunfire from outside the house and runs inside to find his partner dead and then witnesses Rev. Smith blowing his own brains out. All this chaos while a creepy Necronomicon looking guitar sits in the corner... 


Ten years later the same guitar is sitting in a pawn shop and when Jake (Jeff Moore) and his band the Pyro Junkies see it they know they have to have it. So Jake uses his new guitar when his band is playing in a competition against their biggest rivals, a band named SUCK. Turns out Jake's ex dumped him for the lead singer of SUCK and when the Pyro Junkies are playing Jake pulls out a gun killing his ex, her new man and then himself. It's clear now that whoever plays the guitar becomes possessed by it and is driven to murder. Det. Young is back on the scene, this time with his new partner bitch cop Stich and they decide to give the guitar to Jake's mom. Then we meet sleazebag music store owner Grady (director Gordon Price) who likes to pick up chicks at bars, drug them and rape them. When Jake's mother brings the evil guitar to Grady's music store he cons her into selling it to him for a bargain price. Afterwards Grady plays the guitar getting himself possessed and goes on a murderous rampage and so begins the music store massacre.....


You might think to yourself "How much of a massacre can happen in a music store? “The title is a little bit deceiving as the action doesn't stop there in the music store, if anything it just begins there. A much larger story unfolds with dozens of short stories occurring one after another like an anthology except in this one all the stories are linked to each other. And not just linked by the evil guitar but by the characters and the deeds they do. This is a great first effort from Gordy Price and what it lacks in budget he made up for with the script. It is without a doubt the most intertwining plot I have seen done in a low budget movie and kept me interested from beginning to end. The story tries to get a moral message across , mainly through the character of good guy cop Detective Young who tries to see the good in people and live life by the good book even when everyone around him is the polar opposite. Even with all the racism in this movie, and there is a lot - I found it hard to be offended by it as everyone who deserves it gets what’s coming to them. The moral of the story being whether you're a rapist, a sleazy lawyer, a gangbanger, a smutt peddler, a bully or a dirty old man you're gonna get what you deserve in the end. Good performances from all involved - Frank Bliss was perfectly cast as psychotic Reverand Smith, goody goody two-shoes cop Young was played nicely by Dave Meadows but I have to say director Gordon Price stole the show as Grady. As a rapist store owner or a possessed zombie on a mission from God, the Price was right.(worst pun ever!) All that and he wrote and directed it as well - I'd love to see what Gordon Price could do with a larger budget and I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

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