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Naughty, Dirty, Nasty (2014)

Naughty, Dirty, Nasty is a 2014 release from The Sleaze Box, directed by Chris Woods and co-written by John Miller and Chris Woods. It stars Krystal Pixie Adams, Ashly Lynn Caputo, Sabine Von Katchen, Alice Reigns and Bob Glazier. 


While she sleeps Krystal (Krystal Pixie Adams) has one crazy dream after another, either scary, weird, erotic or all of the above. Each of her dreams is watched over carefully by a terrifying sex demon (Bob Glazier) who gets his kicks from both her pain and her pleasure. Three sexy sirens (Ashley Lynn Caputo, Alice Reigns & Sabine Von Katchen) join her in her dreams, participating in a lot of sexy dancing and just about every fetish you could possibly ask for.

We get three of them frolicking around a cemetery with just about nothing on other than black hooded cloaks. For me this scene screamed Jess Franco/Jean Rollin in the best way possible so fans of Euro-sleaze should definitely get a kick out of it. This scene also ends nicely with the girls posing in front of a "Jesus Never Fails" billboard - sexy sacrilege is the best kind.

In another scene Krystal peeks in her friend's bedroom door and watches her play with herself, eventually joining in the fun and the two get into some heavy petting and carpet munching! Another scene has Krystal walking up a corridor holding a wooden stake, she kills one vamp bitch but gets fanged by another. It seems she doesn't mind  having her neck chewed on though, actually ya she's definitely enjoying it. One scene has three of them doing a sexy dance in a living room and to be honest this reminded me of the intro dances they have at the start of most Brazzers scenes and that to me is perfectly fine.

Another crazy scene has Krystal and Sabine rolling around a bed of ripped up vhs tapes, wrapping the entrails of cassettes around each other in the most erotic way possible! I'm not sure if this would be every vhs collectors biggest fantasy or worst nightmare.

The sex demon even gets in on the fun eventually as he interrupts Krystal and Sabine's sexy bath-time by throwing a cauldron of blood, guts and other body parts all over them. That doesn't spoil their fun though, they gleefully play with and chomp on all the contents! Plenty more scenes featuring more sexy dancing, sexy lingerie, sexy swimsuits, Nazi dominatrix she-bitches and lots of other crazy shit leads Krystal's adventure to a 'climactic' finale.

Was it a nightmare, a dream or just her filthy imagination? Check it out and judge for yourself.


Naughty, Dirty, Nasty is another complete change of pace from the guys at The Sleaze Box, their faux-snuff masterpiece Amerikan Holokaust (review here - AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST )

showed us how sick and twisted they can be and Make Them Die Sleazy!  ( review here - MAKE THEM DIE SLEAZY )

is an awesome collection of their earlier shorts showing us just how varied their taste and style can be. While Naughty, Dirty, Nasty probably wont satisfy most hardcore gorehounds or the average mainstream horror fan it definitely should please pervs like myself who like to gaze upon the female form in all it's nakedness in other forms of media other than porn. While this isn't too far off porn it certainly has a lot more style and substance. It does exactly what it says on the tin - its naughty, dirty and nasty!