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I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine (2015) Review

Directed by R.D. Braunstein, Starring Sarah Butler, Jennifer Landon, Doug McKeon, Gabriel Hogan, Karen Strassman. Joshua Kovalscik


When I saw that I Spit On Your Grave 3 had just been released this week I decided that since I hadn't seen the 1st 'I Spit' film from 2010 in a long time I'd have myself a double feature and watch part 1 and 3 back to back. Those unfamiliar with the series or with the new movie might be asking why the fuck did I skip part 2? Well, the 1st I Spit On Your Grave released in 2010 (itself a remake of Meir Zarchi's infamous 1978 video nasty) was followed 3 years later by I Spit On Your Grave 2, a sequel in name only. Both the 2010 and 2013 movies were helmed by the same director Steven R. Monroe but both had completely different stories, characters and settings. I really enjoyed part 2 but lets talk about my double bill of 1 and 3. 

Part 1 still holds up and is quite enjoyable in a sick twisted kind of way but it's still a hard watch, especially in the company of a female (don't watch it on a 1st date). Like any reasonably sane person I find any rape scenes in films hard to watch, but still I really enjoy most films in the rape-revenge genre. It may be hard to sit through a long violent rape scene but it's always worth it to see the victim get their vengeance in the most brutal ways imaginable, and that she does. Jennifer Hills (played by the beautiful Sarah Butler) escapes the big city and rents a cabin in the woods so she can concentrate on her writing in peace. (When will people learn that cabin and woods in the same sentence never go well together?) Shortly after her arrival a gang of local rednecks attack and rape her, and the local sheriff isn't much help either. The rape scenes may not be as graphic as films such as Irreversible or A Serbian Film but with lines like "Show us your teeth show horse" and "Don't worry sweetheart - I'm an ass man" they don't need to be. Overall it has some brutal and inventive ways to kill a man such as being tied to a tree with eyelids pried open for the crows to peck out, dipped head first in an acid bath, cock chopped off with hedge trimmers and shotgun up the ass - still made me cringe and squeeze my ass cheeks in pain. Spoiler Alert!

The film ends with her just after getting revenge on all of her wrong doers, walking away with a beautiful but disturbing smile on her face.


I Spit On Your Grave 3 begins some time later (presumably a couple of years) with Jennifer Hills working in a shitty 9 to 5 office job and constantly getting flashbacks of her experience. Now she goes by the name Angela and has absolutely zero trust in anyone. She sees a shrink regularly but also goes to group therapy for people effected by rape and violent sex crimes. There she meets a new friend Marla who is outgoing, rebellious, up front and crazy in all the right ways. Marla teaches Jennifer that it's OK to lash out at those who do you wrong, usually violence is the best solution and that there's nothing to feel guilty about wanting to seek vengeance on the guilty. Then a tragic turn of events drives Jennifer over the edge again and since she has no one left to get revenge on she gets revenge for her new friends in her therapy group. When the body count starts rising and each body is connected to the people in Jennifer's group therapy class the cops grow more and more suspicious and quickly start closing in on her.

Once again we're treated to rapists, paedos and scumbags getting their comeuppance and once again we get more new brutal ways to torture and kill men. Each of those scenes had me squeeming. squirming and picking my jaw up off the floor and looking at my girlfriend in disbelieve and agony. Even though I was really happy to see the return of Sarah Butler as Jennifer Hills and to see where her story took her, I thought the film started off really well but unfortunately it began to fall apart towards the end. It's as if the writers ran out of ideas or else just couldn't decide how to finish it. It was just as vicious and gory as the other films and since there was less rape and a lot more revenge this felt like a female version of The Punisher or Death Wish which is all good in my book, one thing I didn't like though was how towards the end of the film, the crazier Jennifer got the more unlikable she got, and she gradually went from being the hero to the villain.  Still though, the slightly odd and undecided ending left it either open for interpretation or open for another sequel. Personally I'd like to see a sequel where Sarah Butler's Jennifer Hills character meets up with Jemma Dallender's Katie Carter character from I Spit On Your Grave 2, they become friends in therapy class, prison or an asylum, they escape and go on a huge murderous rampage together - like a psychotic version of Thelma & Louise, or those 2 French chicks from Baise Moi!

Not as enjoyable as the first 2 films in the series or the original but still definitely worth a watch for fans of the rape-revenge genre. 

I give I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine 2.5 severed cocks out of 5!