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$kumbagz Review

$kumbagz is the latest release from The Sleaze Box, the guys who previously gave us sick twisted gems such as Amerikan Holokaust, Make Them Die Sleazy! And Naughty, Dirty, Nasty. It was written and directed by John Miller and stars Krystal Pixie Adams 

(Joe Vampire, Die Die Delta Pi), Joe Makowski (Amerikan Holokaust, Make Them Die Sleazy!), Joel D. Wynkoop (Killing Spree, Creep, Lost Faith), Bob Glazier (Amerikan Holokaust, Naughty,Dirty,Nasty) and Jules Sceiro (The Uh-Oh Show, Rat Catching, Amerikan Holokaust)


$kumbagz begins awesomely with Stephanie (Krystal Pixie Adams) in bed playing with herself (YES!!) until she's rudely interrupted by her mom beating her bedroom door down yelling at her to get up for work. While she's getting ready her mom and dad ( Joel D. Wynkoop and his wife Cathy Wynkoop) argue with her about being such a failure and give her shit for still living at home.

When she gets to work her boss Mr. Estevez (Herb Kowalski) calls her into his office to give her shit for not being a 'team player' and even though Stephanie agrees to give him a blowjob along with some other strange requests, the psycho asshole fires her anyway just for looking at him the wrong way!


Down on her luck and walking the streets she gets picked up by a Good Samaritan named Reo (Joe Makowski) who is nice to her at first and asks if she wants to go back to his place for a drink. He slips a roofie in her drink that knocks her out almost instantly and she wakes up bound, gagged and naked. Stephanie is now Reo's sex slave, trapped in a sleazy dark hotel room with no escape while lowlifes call in to bang her for cash all day every day, he pimps out her body to pay for his expensive drink and drug habit. One day Reo is kind enough to bring her outside for a walk - a quick stroll to the room next-door to score some crack from local dealer 6'9. (John Miller) When they get back to their room Reo accuses Stephanie of making eyes at his dealer and he lets his two buddies and best customers Samir and Mookie (Bob Glazier & Jules Sceiro) double team her for free. Needless to say, they weren't gentlemanly about it and 6'9 hears Stephanie's screams through the wall next-door. He calls in and gives Reo some crack for 20 minutes with Stephanie and rather than banging her he smooth talks her and offers her a better deal and a better life with him.

A failed bank job turns Reo, Samir and Mookie against each other and Stephanie finally escapes. After spending some time surviving by herself on the streets, she bumps into 6'9 one day and takes him up on his previous offer to go work for him. She's back selling that ass for cash again but at least 6'9 treats her with a bit more respect than Reo ever did and he even buys her stuff.

A rival pimp/dealer called Quincy sees that 6'9 and his new girl are rolling in the cash and he doesn't like it. Quincy and his gang kick in 6'9's door and beat the shit out of him and make him watch while Stephanie gets raped, tell him in future they can't do business on Quincy's turf without his permission and without cutting him in on the profits. 6'9 and Stephanie are pissed and plan their revenge by sneaking into one of Quincy's cribs to fuck shit up and the whole thing ends in one big Bonnie & Clyde style epic finale....


I know I may have rambled on a bit and gave away half the film but fuck it, it's the kind of film you'd want to talk about and there's a lot more to it than what I've spoken about. Another change of pace from the Sleaze Box guys, $kumbagz is more similar to their first film Amerikan Holokaust which will no doubt please fans who deem that as their best work. I myself love how each of their releases is completely different but I definitely do prefer the grittier, fucked up stuff like Amerikan Holokaust and now $kumbagz. Krystal Pixie Adams is just awesome and gets better (and hotter) with each role I see her in. She's got balls of steel and isn't afraid to get naked and/or covered in blood and roughed up on camera whenever she needs to, a lot of actresses could do with taking a page out of her book. Joe Makowski's performance was great and at times felt like a cross between Michael Rooker in Henry:Portrait Of A Serial Killer and Bill Mosely in The Devil's Rejects - sleazy, creepy and terrifying all at the same time. Great to see Bob Glazier and Jules Sceiro together again and as crazy as ever - fans of their characters in Amerikan Holokaust will love this film even just for them alone. The big surprise for me was seeing director John Miller putting himself in one of the main roles as 6,9 - a great choice on his part because he fitted the role and played it perfectly. His character was sort on an anti-hero, he's a low-life pimp and drug dealer so you're not supposed to like him but compared to everyone else in the film he's a saint so you can't help but route for him. The movie looks great for its low budget and has a grindhouse feel to it without trying too hard like a lot of films these days do. With a lot of action, violence, Blood & guts and some cool Tarantino-esque dialogue it moves along at a nice pace and at just over 70 minutes or so it doesn't outstay its' welcome. Fans of Krystal Pixie Adams and her film Naughty, Dirty, Nasty will definitely enjoy this as it has her in some serious girl-on-girl action that is worth the price of admission alone! If I had to come up with a cheesy blurb for the movie it'd be something like "Natural Born Killers if it was written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark" but there's a lot more to it than that. 

Go check it out for yourself.