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Die Die Delta Pi (2013)

Directed by Sean Donohue (If I Can't Have You... , Joe Vampire) 

And Christopher Leto (The Housewife Slasher, Rough Cut, 

Theatre Of The Deranged 2)

and starring Krystal Pixie Adams  (Joe Vampire, House Guest, Naughty,Dirty,Nasty),

Andrea Alfonso (Spin, Housewife Slasher, Pharmboy),

Kristen Avery (Hi-8),

Tanya Christiansen (Don't Go On The Trail,The Ritual),

Mike Christopher (Dawn Of The Dead,The Uh-Oh Show, Joe Vampire), Roxy Vandiver (Spirit Camp, The Pick-Axe Murders part 3:The Final Chapter),

Cyndi Crotts (Brainjacked, Amerikan Holokaust),

Olivia Blake (Rough Cut,Hi-8),

Shade Burnett (Vampire Biker Babes, Bikini Monsters)

and Bob Glazier (Amerikan Holokaust)


Sun State University, Spring Break 1986 - the Delta Pi sorority girls are having their annual initiation party and the burning of the house mother dummy.

Some of the popular girls invite shy geek Marissa Chambers along, a girl who's only reason for being in the sorority is because her mother was a legacy and the other girls clearly don't want her there. After some partying and fun the initiations begin and rest of the girls pull a prank on Marissa by covering her in silly string, not the worst thing in the world except it's highly flammable silly string and Marissa trips and falls into the fire and goes up like the 4th of July! Most of the girls and guys run off but some of them run back to the dorm to get help, only to find dead bodies everywhere - while most of them were at the beach partying a serial killer decided it was a perfect night for a massacre!

Cut to the opening credits and we're back in present day. Donna Parker, one of the survivors of the massacre back in '86 now has a daughter Diana who is just starting at Sun State University. After she arrives and meets up with her friends they sign up with the new and improved Delta Pi sorority, its first year back after a long hiatus since '86.

Donna has a bad feeling and is worried about her daughter so she goes to visit the beach where the tragedy happened all those years ago. There she bumps into Allison, another survivor who is now a local cop. They get to reminiscing and Allison tells her that the only other survivor is Katy who is now locked up in an insane asylum.

Donna goes to visit Katy and discovers that Katy admitted herself for fear of her own life. She realizes that Katy is clearly nuts but when she keeps yelling that 'the burnt one' is back Donna gets even more worried. Sure enough, as the new sorority girls prepare for their initiation party and the stoner guys  prepare to get stoned, a killer is back on campus and out for blood. The Delta Pi girls get a lot worse than a paddling and the guys get wasted in more ways than one....


From the very start I knew Die Die Delta Pi was going to be a straight up throwback to the slashers of the 80s. Even though only the first 15 minutes or so are set in the 80s the rest of the movie has an old-school slasher vibe that most fans of the genre will enjoy. That first 15 minutes just screamed 80s perfection though, everything from the clothes, the music, the posters and other crap in the girls' bedrooms, even the lingo and bad language dripped of 80s cheesy awesomeness. The only thing they got wrong was the naked chick with the clean shaved pussy - I’ve seen enough 80s porn to know that nobody was shaved back then, slightly trimmed at most. But hey I’m a big fan of a shaven haven so all is forgiven, especially one that beautiful.

As for the rest of the movie it was nicely shot and looked great for a low-budget film.

Top notch performances from all the cast and a few cameos from familiar faces, Bob Glazier and Cyndi Crotts from Amerikan Holokaust and other Sleaze Box stuff and also Mike Christopher who will forever be known as the Hare Krishna zombie in George A Romero's classic Dawn Of The Dead.

The film has some outstanding gore effects courtesy of Marcus Koch, better known for his work on movies such as The Uh-Oh Show, Sweatshop and 100 Tears which he also directed. 

The directors of Die Die Delta Pi, Christopher Leto and Sean Donohue are clearly talented and I’m delighted to have found out about them, I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting filmmakers and I’ll definitely be seeking out more of their previous work. Funnily enough I picked up Sean Donohue's film Joe Vampire from The Sleaze Box's website recently as a blind buy so I’ll be checking that out ASAP. Also I heard through the grapevine that The Sleaze Box's Chris Woods and Sean Donohue are working on a new slasher movie together called Death-Scort Service so keep your eyes and ears open for that, I know I will be.