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OPUS DEI (2015) Review

OPUS DEI (2015)

Directed by George Najdzien

Starring Tom Driver as The Priest and

Timothy Cullingworth-Hudson as The Cop

I was lucky enough and delighted to be asked by the guys at Terror Visions to have a look at a rough cut of their latest release "OPUS DEI", and to no surprise just like their other short films this one also blew me away. This time round Klayton Dean produced and edited the film while George Najdzien stepped behind the camera to direct. It stars Tom Driver and Timothy Cullingworth-Hudson who both put in great performances in a film that is short and (not so) sweet at just under 10 minutes in running time. Unfortunately it's the kind of film that I can't go too much into detail about without ruining it so I'll do my best ...


There's no better way to creep the shit out of the audience by starting your film with the sound of creepy kids repeating prayers at high speed! What starts off looking like a man of the cloth giving Sunday Service in an empty field soon takes a dark turn as the camera pans back and reveals that the priest is reciting quotes from the bible to a man in front of him - the man is a cop who is bound, gagged, bloody, beaten and on his knees. Why is the cop there? What has he done to deserve this? What drives a holy man to this kind of madness? Well all is revealed in an ending that will surely cause a fuss and upset a lot of people - mostly bible bashers and the PC brigade or just blind idiots who are afraid of the truth, because realistically this kind of thing happens all the time. If you're intrigued then check out the trailer below and keep an eye on the Facebook page for further details of the film's release. Fans of shock cinema and twisted little shorts wont want to miss out...