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Dark Was The Night (2014) Review

Dark Was The Night (2014)


Directed by Jack Heller

Written by Tyler Hisel

Starring Kevin Durand, Lucas Haas, Bianca Kajlich, Nick Damici, Steve Agee,

Heath Freeman, Sabina Gadecki and Ethan Khusidman

"An evil is unleashed in a small town when a logging company sets up shop in the neighbouring woods."

"Isolated and threatened, a mysterious force hidden within the trees outside the small town of Maiden Woods, strikes fear in the townspeople as Sheriff Paul Shields attempts to overcome the demons of his past while protecting those that he loves."

I was nicely surprised by this as I hadn't heard much about it other than the fact that Kevin Durand was in it. I always thought he was a cool character actor seeing him pop up in lots of cool stuff over the years (Stargate SG1, Dark Angel, Lost, X-Men Origins:Wolverine, Legion, Resident Evil: Retribution and loads more) but recently with TV's The Strain and now with this movie he is definitely proving to everyone that he can hold his own as a leading man. A few other familiar faces are in it as well, Nick Damici (Stake Land, Cold In July, and a film I consider one of the best werewolf film last year's Late Phases), Lucas Haas (Mars Attacks, The Tripper, Inception) and Bianca Kajlich (the beautiful brunette chick from tv's Rules Of Engagement). This is director Jack Heller's 2nd movie, his 1st was the 2011 film Enter Nowhere starring Sara Paxton and Scott Eastwood - a cool slow-burner with a Twilight Zone feel to it which I remember enjoying.

Just like Enter Nowhere , director Jack Heller kept Dark Was The Night moving at a slow pace for the majority of the movie, and thankfully it worked. I'll take far separated moments of suspense drowned in atmosphere as chilling as the climate its set in over cheap "boo" jump-scares any day of the week. I assume the budget was low but it doesn't show anywhere, the cinematography really brings the location to life and makes it feel as cold and isolated as it should but yet it still looks beautiful. All the actors put in top performances but Kevin Durand really stands out from the crowd. Maybe it was just the snow and the 'man vs creature' scenario but Durand's performance had a bit of a McReady vibe about it (if you don't know who McReady is please kill yourself now). Ok enough blowing smoke up everyone's ass, is this film a masterpiece? No, but its a really enjoyable monster flick and the best Jersey Devil film I've seen since...? The only little fault I can really complain about is the monster - we saw very little of it until the end other than a foot here and a claw there which was cool and worked because it looked practical, then they had to go and ruin it with a big CGI ugly motherfucker! It didn't ruin the whole film , just that moment but still - 

bring back the days of 7ft giants in cheesy rubber suits!!