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Tremors 5:Bloodlines (2015) Review

Directed by Don Michael Paul

Written by Brent Maddock, John Whelpley & S.S.Wilson

Starring Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, Natalie Becker, 

Lawrence Joffe, Zak Hendrikz & Emmanuel Castis

"The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above."

The movie kicks off with Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) in the desert doing an intro for his Discovery/TLC (probably YouTube) type reality show where he hunts for Graboids. He gives us a nice rundown and recap of what the Graboids are, the various types  he's encountered and how he's the foremost expert in the world on the subject of Graboids and how to hunt and kill them. Thanks to Burt they've been contained to the northern hemisphere, or so he thinks - cut to South Africa where we meet two bumbling hunters searching for game in the desert when they run into some 'deep' trouble. (Anyone who couldn't understand a word Sharlto Copley said in District 9 will love this!) Meanwhile back in the Mojave desert in Nevada, Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy in his best performance since... Bermuda Tentacles?) is arsing around on a dirtbike looking like cannibal fodder from The Hills Have Eyes 2. He bumps into Burt and it turns out that he's his new cameraman reporting for duty. Soon after they get acquainted a guy claiming to be from the South Africa Wildlife Ministry arrives looking for Burt's help with the recent Graboid attacks over there. After some negotiating Burt and Travis agree to go to South Africa to help hunt the Graboids. After they arrive, meet the locals and settle in the village comes under attack by more Graboids, but they're no ordinary Graboids - they're the latest mutated version known as Assblasters. They have feet to help them run and wings to help them fly (sorry, glide) and they got their name because they literally shoot fire out of their ass to make them glide faster, I shit you not....


To be 100% honest I was never a huge Tremors fan. Sure I remember renting the original and part 2 back in the video store heydays and I picked them up cheap on DVD years later but I was never too pushed to check out the other sequels or the short-lived TV show. I always looked at the Tremors franchise as a bit bland, a bit 'samey' and too gore-less and un-scary for my taste buds. When I heard Tremors 5 was being made with Michael Gross reprising his role I was slightly happy but not as excited as I am for things like Phantasm V or Ash VS Evil Dead. Still though, always happier to see a long overdue sequel than a shitty half-assed remake. Well after watching Bloodlines I have to say I was nicely surprised. It made realize that I need to lighten the fuck up and just appreciate the Tremors movies for what they are - good, oldschool monster flicks. It was nice to see the Graboids in a different setting, sure it was still a desert but at least it was a desert on a different continent. Michael Gross is great as the not-so-past-his-prime monster hunter and Jamie Kennedy is equally good as his wisecracking sidekick. It's full of action, cheesy one-liners and actually had some impressive cgi for a change compared to most low to mid-budget monster movies these days. Fans of the original should definitely enjoy it.


 I really 'dug' this installment to the Tremors franchise and it has definitely inspired me to revisited the first 2 movies and also check out the 3rd, 4th and the TV series. Also i'm gonna check out the book  'Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial guide to Tremors' by Jonathan Melville which came out earlier this year. On a side note, I personally would love to see the Tremors movies take a more ridiculous, over-the-top route like the Critters, Hellraiser and Leprechaun franchises did with the next installment if it does happen. I want to see Tremors... in space! Think about it - years into the future, earth's first colony on the moon, or maybe Mars. The colony gets attacked by Graboids - maybe someone accidentally brought eggs from earth, maybe the Graboids were there all along.... I know it would look like a rip-off of Dune but in this day and age who gives a shit? I want tremors in fucking space!! 

In the meantime I give Tremors 5:Bloodline 3.5 big ugly worms out of 5 - go check it out.