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Eyes of my mother

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

Written, Directed & Edited by Nicolas Pesce

Starring Kika Magalhaes, Olivia Bond, Diana Agostini, Paul Nazak, Flora Diaz, Will Brill, Clara Wong, Joey Curtis-Green

"A young, lonely woman is consumed by her deepest and darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quiet country life."

In what I assume is 50s/60s  rural America, a family's lives are destroyed and changed forever one day when a serial killer comes calling to their door. The father arrives home from work late to catch a psychotic killer in the act of brutally murdering his wife as his young daughter Francisca waits in terror in the next room. What happens next is out of the ordinary but while watching you have to ask yourself, would I do the same? If not then what? Spoiler alert : Rather than calling the cops and go through the whole legal rigmarole, the father beats the living shit out of the killer and chains him up in his barn. As a lonely child with no friends Francisca forms a strange bond with the killer, nursing his wounds and saving him from starvation by feeding him dead rodents. 

Skip to ten or fifteen years later Francisca has grown into a beautiful young woman, the killer is still chained up in the barn and the father has passed away. Unable to let him go for fear of loneliness the daughter doesn't bury his body, instead she just treats him like an invalid, changing his clothes, bathing him, moving him from his bed to the sofa and chatting to him as if he was alive. It's hard to tell if he is actually dead or completely paralysed from a stroke, either way it was a situation I found both equally deranged and devastating. One night she goes to bar, picks up a girl and takes her home but things go pear shaped really fast. Soon after that the killer almost escapes but doesn't get far. She finally decides to dispose of her father but not before chopping him up into pieces, keeping the good bits in the fridge for consumption and burning the rest. Now she is truly alone, but not for long. She drags an innocent woman and her newly born baby into her world of hurt. What she does to them is even more sinister than what she went through as a child.

Gorgeously shot in black & white , creepy and atmospheric with minimal to zero score. First time writer/director Nicolas Pesce has crafted one of the finest horror films of 2016 and probably the last decade also. Great performances from all the cast especially Olivia Bond and Kika Magalhaes who play young Francisca and old Francisca respectively. Bizarre, bleak and beautiful, real horror fans should make it their business to check it out asap.