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In The Deep (2016) Review

Directed by Johannes Roberts

Written by Johannes Roberts & Ernest Riera

Starring Mathew Modine, Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, 

Chris J. Johnson, SantiagoSegura & Yani Gellman


Like a lot of horror fans I usually celebrate Discovery Channel's annual 'Shark Week' by watching a mixture of good killer shark movies and some really shitty/so-bad-they're-good ones. For some reason this year Shark Week completely passed me by, it was almost over by the time I even realised it was Shark Week. Oh well, there's always next year. I did get to see Jaws on the big screen though which was pretty awesome, even more so as it was its' 40th anniversary a few months ago. There hasn't been that many shark movies out this year, the only one I can recall that got a major cinema release was The Shallows. I still haven't seen that but surprisingly I've heard nothing but good things about it so I'm looking forward to seeing it, plus it has Blake Lively aka Mrs. Deadpool running around in a bikini so that's always a bonus. So back to the film at hand - In The Deep. I literally heard nothing about this film until a couple of weeks ago when some of my American friends said they watched it online and were really surprised that it didn't get a theatrical release. What I find very strange is that even-though Dimension are releasing it on DVD this week, apparently Freestyle Media have acquired the rights to release it theatrically in 2017 so maybe the DVD release will be put on hold until after that.

Another strange thing is that the original title of The Shallows was In The Deep, when the producers of The Shallows heard there was another shark movie due for release with the same title they renamed it The Shallows, but when the producers of this movie In The Deep heard there was another movie with the same name they re-titled it 47 Meters Down, but then changed the name back to In The Deep when they heard The Shallows was the new title of that movie, or something along those lines.

In The Deep tells the story of two sisters Lisa and Kate who are on vacation in Mexico and decide to go deep sea shark watching  from the safety of a cage. Lo and behold the chain lowering the cage snaps sending the sisters plummeting to the ocean floor. With their oxygen running low and a frenzy of great white sharks (yes, that's what a large group of sharks is called) circling them they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get back up to the surface to the safety of the boat.

Mathew Modine stars as Taylor the boat's captain/tour guide. Modine is best recognised for his role in Full Metal Jacket but I haven't seen him in a lot of big things over the years until recently he starred in this years biggest Netflix show Stranger Things. Also starring in this is Claire Holt, fans of TV's Vampire Diaries and The Originals should definitely be familiar with her. The big surprise for me was seeing Mandy Moore (remember her?) pop up in this as the main star. For those unfamiliar with Mandy, she was an American pop princess around the same time in the nineties when Britney and Christina were in their prime, then she gave up singing shit music to pursue an acting career. I don't recall seeing her in anything other than a few episodes of Scrubs and Entourage but that was about ten years ago. 

Anyway, there isn't much I can say about the movie itself without giving the whole thing away. The way the film begins if you didn't already know it was a shark movie (the clue is in the title) you'd be forgiven for thinking this was another tourist in trouble/ torture porn type flick - two beautiful American girls on vacation in a foreign land, and the two Mexican dudes they meet up with definitely have a rapey vibe about them. It's ok though, as soon as they get on the boat you know they're fucked anyway with a giant shiver of sharks(yep, that's another name for a group of sharks) to worry about.

When the chain breaks and they sink to the bottom just about everything that could possibly go wrong does go wrong, so even though the movie gets off to a slow start as soon as they hit the water it's non-stop tension. At almost 90 minutes long I reckon over an hour of the film is set under water giving it a really claustrophobic feeling and setting it apart from most generic shark flicks. It's very much like 'The Descent with sharks', now there's your cheesy dvd cover blurb right there fuckers! For a change the cgi sharks looked great and very realistic, (this ain't The Asylum). The story is solid, it looks great and good performances from all the cast, I can honestly say this is the best sharksploitation movie I've seen in a long time, until I see Sharknado 4 of course.... I give In The Deep 4 shark bites out of 5.