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Gorecast #72 - Pride Month Special

What's up goreclubbers! Johnny Deadly, here again, to give you scary S.o.b's the rundown on what’s coming up on tonight's Gorecast. www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast 11 pm GMT - 6 pm EST. Link to the live show will be available in Goreclub Chatroom when The show goes live.

Gorecast # 72 1.gif

The month of June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. As a result, many pride events are held during this month to recognize the impact LGBT people have had on the world. Tonight myself and my amigo of the internet The Giz hit the internet to find some LGBT orientated flicks to commemorate it.

Gorecast # 72 2.jpg

First up is Pyotr495. Set one evening in present-day Moscow, 16-year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultra-nationalist group known for their violent abductions and attacks bolstered by Russia's LGBT propaganda law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret.

Gorecast # 72 3.jpg

Directed and written by Black Mawson. This horror short shocked audiences worldwide with its harsh visuals and misleading storytelling leaving you to never what could come next.

Gorecast # 72 4.jpg

I hope you guys have not eaten too close to the podcast as next Up is Martyrs. Martyrs is a 2008 French psychological horror drama film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. It premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival at the Marché du Film and released theatrically in France on 3 September 2008. The film's American distribution rights were purchased by the Weinstein Company, they also released the film on DVD in April 2009.

Gorecast # 72 5.jpg

Fifteen years after a horrifying experience of abduction and prolonged torture, Lucie embarks on a bloody quest for revenge against her oppressors. Along with her childhood friend, Anna, who also suffered abuse, she quickly descends, without hope, into madness and her own delusions. Anna, left on her own begins to re-experience what Lucie did when she was only twelve years old.

Gorecast # 72 6.jpg

Last but by no means least we have the slasher classic Sleepaway Camp. Sleepaway Camp (also released as Nightmare Vacation) is a 1983 American slasher film written and directed by Robert Hiltzik, who also served as executive producer. The film tells the story of a young girl and her cousin who are sent to a summer camp, where a group of killings begins shortly after their arrival.

Gorecast # 72 7.jpg

After a horrible boating accident kills her family, Angela, a shy and sullen young girl, moves in with her eccentric aunt Martha, alongside her protective cousin Ricky. One summer, Martha sends the kids to Camp Arawak. Soon after their arrival, a series of bizarre and increasingly violent accidents begins to claim the lives of various campers. Who is the twisted individual behind these murders? The disclosure of the murderer's identity is one of the most shocking climaxes in the history of American cinema.

Gorecast # 72 8.jpg

That's it horror lovers to get a little more in-depth with everything join myself and The Giz www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast 11 pm GMT - 6 pm EST.

Gorecast #71 - Larry Cohen Special

What's up goreclubbers Johnny Deadly, here again, to give you guys the skinny on what's coming up in this week's episode of the gorecast. 11pm GMT-6pm EST www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast.

gorecast 71 1.gif

I'm a filmmaker. I love making films and shooting our Tv show and Podcast. We work on a very low budget, so we do the show at the moment for our love of horror... and to feed my addiction to filming. Due to the budget restraints we have had to get creative on many occasions and as The Giz has sais more than once Take the ECW approach to the production "accentuate the positives and play down the negatives" (if your a wrestling fan you'll know what I mean haha) and sometimes just get plain gorilla on it.

That's why I got highly excited when the documentary King Cohen landed in our screener's folder, I nearly blew my top. I have idolized this man and his ability to do a lot with nothing. Cohen, best known for resourceful low-budget horror and thriller films that combine social commentary with prerequisite scares and welcome humor, is responsible for celluloid classics including Black Caesar, It’s Alive, Q: The Winged Serpent, and The Stuff. He was also a major player in the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s, as well as a prominent Hollywood screenwriter (Phone Booth).

gorecast 71 3.jpg

This was a really fascinating documentary and was as fast-paced as Cohen's filming style itself. The story is told through compelling live interviews, stills and film/TV clips, the people who helped fulfil his vision, and industry icons such as Martin Scorsese, J.J. Abrams, John Landis, Michael Moriarty, Fred Williamson, Yaphet Kotto and many more, including Larry himself, bring one-of-a-kind insight into the work, process and legacy of a true American film auteur. Few can boast of a career as remarkable or prolific, spanning more than 50 years of entertaining audiences worldwide. He may not have invented gorilla filmmaking but he damn sure perfected it.

gorecast 71 4.jpg

King Cohen begins its theatrical run on July 27 in markets including Los Angeles and New York.

Special event screenings of the film will also be held throughout July and August in cities including Asheville, VA, and Yonkers, NY.courtesy Dark Star Pictures.

We thought we would give you a full flavor for Cohen picking one movie Cohen wrote and one that he directed. The Stuff (also known as Larry Cohen's The Stuff) is a 1985 American satirical science fiction horror film written, produced, and directed by Larry Cohen and starring Michael Moriarty, Garrett Morris, Andrea Marcovicci, and Paul Sorvino. It was also the last film of noted actor Alexander Scourby.

gorecast 71 5.jpg

Industrial spy and former FBI agent David 'Mo' Rutherford is hired by executives of the ice-cream industry to disclose the recipe of the phenomenally successful marshmallow- and a yogurt-like desert called the Stuff. Somehow, its consumers become addicted to the product, and competitors want the formula. With the support of Nicole, the designer of the Stuff's advertising campaign, and a boy named Jason, who refused to eat it after his family became consumed, Mo tries to prove that the Stuff is a malevolent and possibly sentient natural substance that is trying to take over the wills of the population of Earth.

And finally, we have Maniac Cop. This movie is a 1988 American action slasher film directed by William Lustig, written by Larry Cohen, and starring Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell, Laurene Landon, Richard Roundtree, William Smith, Robert Z'Dar, and Sheree North.

gorecast 71 6.jpg

Innocent people are being brutally murdered on the streets of New York City by a uniformed police officer. As the death toll rises and City Hall attempts a cover-up, Frank McCrae heads the investigation. A young cop, Jack Forrest, finds himself under arrest as the chief suspect, having been the victim of a set-up by the real killer and a mysterious woman phone-caller. Forrest, his girlfriend Theresa, and McCrae set out to solve the puzzle before the Maniac Cop can strike again.

It was released on May 13, 1988, and grossed $671,382 from a budget of $1.1 million. Despite negative reviews on release, Maniac Cop has become a cult film.

gorecast 71 7.jpg

That it my boils and ghouls Join The Giz, our special guest Rotty P myself tomorrow night 11 pm GMT-6pm EST www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast and have a chat with us. Also big announcement for after the show tomorrow.

Gorecast #70 - Deadly Women

Welcome back gorecasters on what is a beautiful Sunday in Ireland. Johnny Deadly here locked in his editing cave as daylight sickens me, back to give you the rundown on what’s coming up on tonight's show. 23:00gmt/18:00est www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast.

Gorecast 70 1.gif

Women in Horror has been the topic floating around horror amino this week. So myself and Giz have had a rummage through our screeners sack and had a shuffle through our classics press and pulled out some fine examples of Deadly Women in Horror.

Gorecast 70 2.jpg

First up we have Monochrome Featuring BAFTA winner James Cosmo (TV’s Game of Thrones, Braveheart), the killer-thriller focuses on a disillusioned young woman who becomes a serial killer targeting wealthy land-owners, forcing a brilliant detective to use his unusual neurological condition to track her down.

Gorecast 70 3.jpg

Monochrome is a beautifully put together piece of cinema. The shot arrangements and fluidity transitioning from one scene to the next was astoundingly seamless. The overall tone of the film right down to the coldness of the colour grade was very reminiscent of the TV series Luther. Monochrome is full of real deeply thought out characters and how they interact with the world around them. All while there's this mist of darkness that develops and thickens as the movie progresses. Monochrome premieres on VOD and DVD this June from Gravitas Ventures.

Gorecast 70 4.jpg

Next up Emmaline Friederichs, Madeline Conway, and Carly Rae James Sauer star in the spookfest of the Summer The Nursery, available on VOD June 5 and on DVD August 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Gorecast 70 5.jpg

When Ranae, a college student babysits for a family with a tragic history, she finds herself stalked by a sinister presence and haunted by ghosts from her own past. Soon, she and her friends must confront the angry, evil spirit hunting them down one-by-one on a deliberate march towards its ultimate prey.

Gorecast 70 6.jpg

The Nursery is yet another top-notch product put out by Uncork'd Entertainment. It delivers on everything a supernatural horror should. I have to add there was a refreshing lack of jump scares in this. With them only being used as a little teaser here and there or should I say as they are intended to be used ahem!. The characters in the film as well all display a level of functioning intelligence in a deadly situation that was great to see.

Gorecast 70 7.jpg

Now we have a little treat from our oldies press. When I think of deadly women in Horror one of the first characters that springs to mind is Julie Walker from Return Of The Living Dead 3. For those of you who somehow don't know Return of the Living Dead 3 is a 1993 American romantic horror film.

Gorecast 70 8.jpg

The film is the second sequel in the Return of the Living Dead film series but bears little resemblance to its predecessors, as it drops the comedy of those films and replaces it with a larger focus on horror, science fiction, and romantic themes. The Trioxin substance from previous films also carry over, but with different effects from previous films in the series.

Gorecast 70 9.gif

Like the zombies in previous films of the series, these tend to run rather than walk or limp and are fixated on eating brains. These zombies seem to infect their victims by biting them whereas, in the two previous films, only exposure to Trioxin (in either its natural gas state or in water that had been exposed to Trioxin) could turn a corpse into a zombie.

Gorecast 70 10.jpg

That's it, my guys and ghouls, to join myself and The Giz on this romp down a street full of deadly women, evil spirits and... Well, sexy zombies join us www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast 23:00gmt/18:00est.

Gorecast #68 - Ron Perlman A Cinematic Overview

In a new series of episodes, we are looking to cover where myself and The Giz are going to be picking some of the most entertaining actors in horror and delving into some their known and possibly unknown bodies of work. This Sunday we will be going into some of the horror movies featuring Ron Pearlman 23:00gmt/20:00 at www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast

gorecast 68 1.gif

Ronald Francis Perlman (born April 13, 1950) is an American actor and voice actor. He played the role of Vincent on the television series Beauty and the Beast (1987–1990), for which he won a Golden Globe Award, the comic book character Hellboy in both Hellboy(2004) and its sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), and Clay Morrow on the television series Sons of Anarchy (2008–2013).

gorecast 68 2.jpg

Perlman is known as a collaborator of Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro, having roles in the del Toro films Cronos (1993), Blade II (2002), and Pacific Rim (2013). Even expressing no interest in staring in the latest hell boy movie if del Toro wasn't directing.

gorecast 68 3.jpg

Speaking of Guillermo del Toro the first movie we are going to cover is Cronos is a 1993 Mexican horror drama film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, starring veteran Argentinean actor Federico Luppi and American actor Ron Perlman. Cronos is del Toro's first feature film and the first of several films on which he collaborated with either Luppi or Perlman. The film was selected as the Mexican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 66th Academy Awards but was not accepted as a nominee.

gorecast 68 4.jpg

On to the story, Del Toro has taken the classic vampire tale and blended it with some strange mechanics and the human quest for everlasting life. The story follows Jesús Gris, an antique dealer that lives with his granddaughter Aurora and wife Mercedes. One day, our hero happens upon a mechanical scarab that attaches itself to his palm, causing him to bleed. Jesús slowly gets addicted to this mystical scarab, but there's someone else that wants it and will stop at nothing to get it.

gorecast 68 5.jpg

Del Toro's stylish and unique telling of the vampire legend is one of the most strangely overlooked and underrated films of the 1990's in my opinion. It's cinematic genius like this that make me addicted to movies in general, not just horror movies. Watching films that are fresh, unpredictable and so rich in symbolism that it has leaves lots of room for discussion.

gorecast 68 6.jpg

The next movie is Stephen King's Desperation, a 2006 television movie based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. King himself wrote the teleplay. The film was directed by frequent King collaborator Mick Garris (who you heard us talk a lot about during our masters of horror episodes) and stars Ron Perlman as Collie Entragian, Tom Skerritt, Steven Weber and Annabeth Gish.

gorecast 68 7.jpg

This adaptation of Steven Kings novel is actually in the same level with some of his best big screen productions. Each scene is expertly crafted right out of the pages of Desperation. The police precinct set right down to the desk and each cell seemed as if it was pulled straight from the novel itself. The characters appearances and each detail down to the smiley face on the bag of sweet delicious Mary Jane that lands Peter and Mary in trouble in the first place were constructed with sheer perfection. If you read the book you'll notice that they changed little things to get with the times, like the hitchhikers shirt instead of being Pete Tesh is Bob Dylan, and there's a small reference towards the end to Donald Rumsfeld and Adam Sandler.

gorecast 68 8.jpg

I have to say, no one is more suited for the role of Collie Entragian than Ron Perlman, he gave one of the best performance in the entire production in my opinion. Though Tom Skerritt wasn't as good as he could have been, he was still the perfect person for his role. Skerritt just didn't come off as an asshole as well as he should have. Everyone else was good, down to the Chinese actors who had absolutely no lines.

gorecast 68 9.jpg

Lastly, we land back in our homeland with I Sell the Dead a 2008 horror comedy, and the feature film debut from Irish director Glenn McQuaid. The film is a period horror comedy about grave robbing and stars Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman, Larry Fessenden and Angus Scrimm.

gorecast 68 10.jpg

This one is an easy-going story. Set in 18th century England, The tale, told first hand, of two friends in England who make their, ahem! living, by Grave-Robbing.

gorecast 68 11.jpg

As its the English/Irish style humor, the hilarity is in the dialogue and the setting and is totally without the usual blunt-nosed set-up that Hollywood likes to use. The first thing that strikes you about this movie is how accurately they managed to capture the look of the Hammer period horrors, the atmosphere is set with lots of fog-laden graveyards, rowdy tavern scenes and excellent set/costume design. This film is gripping yet hilarious throughout.

gorecast 68 12.jpg

So to find out more where we go a little more in-depth into the movies above and more importantly a lot but in depth into the horror career of one Ron Perlman. Tomorrow night 23:00gmt/20:00Est www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast

Santa Clarita Diet

I'm a fan of zombie stuff so when I heard about the Santa Clarita Diet, which is a comedy/horror series from Netflix, I decided to give it a go.

Santa Clarita Diet 1.jpg

The show was released in 2017 and has two seasons so far, ten episodes per season. With each episode being around thirty minutes, it's an easy show to binge. Now, word has come out that the show has gotten renewed for a third season, which will be another ten episodes and will be released in 2019.

Aside from the show being about zombies, another reason I wanted to check it out was the cast. It stars Drew Barrymore (Firestarter), Timothy Olyphant (Justified), Liv Hewson (Marvel’s Inhumans) and Skyler Gisondo (Vacation). I like Barrymore and dig her in comedies. Olyphant is a really good actor and I was curious to see what he could do in a comedy. I've only seen Hewson in this and the Inhumans, but from what I've seen she's good. Gisondo, unfortunately, plays the same character no matter what he's in. Yeah, he's good as the geeky quite guy, but it gets old after a few.

Santa Clarita Diet 2.jpg

The show centers on a happily married couple named Joel and Sheila Hammond, that are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. During a house showing, Sheila (Barrymore) starts throwing up, Exorcist-style. Feeling better neither her or Joel (Olyphant) think anything more about it and goes on with life. Slowly, Sheila starts to notice some changes about herself. Next thing we know... she's a zombie trying to live a "normal" suburban life.

Santa Clarita Diet 3.jpg

Right off the bat, I can tell you this show isn't for everyone. Yeah, it's about zombies, but in a seriously comical sort of way. The whole thing is about trying to figure out how to live as a zombie and finding out how it happened to her in the first place because she wasn't bitten or scratched by anyone. Throughout the show, we watch as she tries to find food, deal with zombie issues as they come up and play happy family with her husband and daughter. When you have a story about zombies, of course, their's someone that knows all about them and is able to school you on them. That would be Eric (Gisondo), the families teenage neighbor. Since he has a crush on the daughter, he'll do almost anything to help them out.

Once you realize it's not a "horror" show, it's not that bad and it does bring the laughs. I've watched both seasons so far and I'm looking forward to the third. The first season is a little hard to get through, but they make up for it with a stronger second season. Unfortunately, ten thirty-minute episode goes by quick and before you know it, you're left wondering where it's all going from here.

Santa Clarita Diet 4.jpg

On the plus side, it's a lot bloodier than I expected, but not gory if that makes sense and the effects are pretty good. Also, there's a nice twist to the zombie lore that I've never seen before and I'm liking it so far.

So, if you're looking for some lite horror, you might give Santa Clarita Diet a spin. If you've already watched it, let me know what you thought about it.5 hours ago

Gorecast #67 - Podcast of the Dinosaurs

What's up my little gorecasterinos Johnny Deadly here yet again to fill you in on whats coming up on this weeks #GORECAST67-Podcast Of The Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are those 50ft killer lizards that used to hunt around our lovely planet millions of years ago (contrary to what some people believe *cough* no names mentioned). It's something I've discussed with many people how there have not been more horror movies involving these terrifying scaley giants from our past. So myself and The Giz have journeyed through celluloid history to rummage up prehistoric horrorful wonders for you to behold.

gorecast 67 1.gif

First up is a little taste of classic cinema The Valley of Gwangi is a 1969 American western/fantasy film directed by Jim O'Connolly and written by William Bast. It stars James Franciscus and, in their final film appearances, Richard Carlson and Gila Golan. It was filmed with creature effects provided by Ray Harryhausen, the last dinosaur-themed film he animated. Harryhausen had inherited the project from his mentor Willis O'Brien, responsible for the special effects in the original version of King Kong (1933). O'Brien had planned to make The Valley of Gwangidecades earlier but died in 1962, before the project could be realized.

The film is set In circa-1900 Mexico, T.J. Breckenridge, a beautiful cowgirl, hosts a wild west show that is struggling. Former boyfriend Tuck Kirby, working for Buffalo Bill's wild west show, wants to buy out T.J., but T.J. has an ace she hopes will boost attendance at her show - a tiny horse. The tiny horse, however, comes from The Forbidden Valley and a convoy of gypsies demands the tiny horse be returned to the valley; the horse's genesis is also known to a British paleontologist, Sir Horace Bromley, working in the nearby desert. T.J., her men, and Tuck eventually find The Forbidden Valley with Bromley and encounter a litany of living dinosaurs. One, a belligerent Allosaurus, is known as Gwangi by the gypsies, and a running pursuit sidetracks into a bloody battle with a styracosaur and eventually to terror in the outside of town.

gorecast 67 3.jpg

Next on the up in our DVD player is Raptor Ranch and enjoyable but not amazing experience (SIDENOTE- yet IT still ranks in ranker.com list of the best horror movies about dinosaurs. Reaffirming what I said in my opening statement). Raptor Ranch (also known as The Dinosaur Experiment) is a 2012 adventure sci-fi film written and directed by Dan Bishop.

gorecast 67 4.gif

Produced by Stephan Galfas, Mosh Moe Grunberg, and Shlomo May-Zur, it stars Jana Ma. The movie is set in Fossil Ridge, once believed to be a cattle ranch is discovered to be a breeding ground for vicious prehistoric velociraptors. When the bloodthirsty dinosaurs escape, the townspeople must fight to survive the deadly raptors. Even from the trailer, Raptor Ranch from the get-go was one such movie to not expect too much from and to not take too seriously.

gorecast 67 5.jpg

Finally, we have a new movie out for you.

The dinomite mash-up of the summer, The Jurassic Games stops onto VOD this June from High Octane Pictures, Boiling Point Media and Uncork'd Entertainment.

JURASSIC GAMES Official Trailer (2018) Dinosaur Movie HD
Starring Ryan Merriman (Final Destination 3) and Perrey Reeves (''Entourage''), the film imagines a world set in the near future wherein ten Death Row convicts are chosen to compete in The Jurassic Games, the ultimate virtual reality game show that pits its players against dinosaurs and each other. However, there is a catch… If you die in the virtual game, you also die in reality; and for Anthony Tucker (Adam Hampton), survival is his one chance to be reunited with his children after having been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his wife. As the devious The Host continues adding improbable challenges, the characters will find the odds stacked against them as only one victor can emerge as the winner and reclaim their freedom.

The Jurassic Games is the third film from Emmy Award-winning director Ryan Bellgardt (Gremlin, Army of Frankensteins). A High Octane Pictures production.

The Jurassic Games will be available on Digital 6/12 and DVD 7/3 from Uncork'd Entertainment.

And that’s it my Boils and ghouls. Join myself and The Giz tomorrow night 23:00gmt/17:00est www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast for our reviews and to find out what our group watch Monday night will be.