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Happy First Birthday EGS

Greetings people,
the emerald gore society is 1 year old today! Congrats and happy birthday to us all!
The site started as an idea between friends and has grown from strength to strength, All from noticing that Ireland had no single dedicated site for horror. Yes you read that correctly, the homeland of Bram Stoker had nothing dedicated to horror.

Throughout the years our loving homeland has produced many great Writers, Poets, Artists, Directors, Actors and so much more than we can name. Quite a lot of who are also fans of the horror genre.

We here at the Emerald Gore Society do our best to support Horror, Indie horror and all of its forms.


Here is what some of our Members have to add about their time and experience with the Emerald Gore Society over the past year:

Jonathan Ryan it’s an honour and privilege to ride this crazy train with all of ye sick fucks happy birthday to the EGS

Kevin Carey It's been really fun and awesome helping to put this together even thou I've done nothing I still feel like an adopted member of the EGS family... Happy birthday and hope u scare yourselves shitless 

Alan Carey Happy birthday EGS ... A place where all avenues of horror can be explored, what started out as an idea has grown its own pair of legs and has started running. Onwards and upwards for 2014!

William O Connor I was late to the party with the EGS as I've only been on board a few months now.When I first found out about the EGS I was delighted to know that there was a group of people so close to home (and not across one side of the pond or the other) that shared my love for horror.Soon after that when Mikeasked me to jump on board and become a member of the EGS I was flattered, terrified and honoured all at the same time. So I thank Mike ,Jonathan and the rest of the EGS family for having faith in me and for welcoming me to the family. Happy birthday Emerald Gore Society and may we have many more for years to come 

Raven Morrigan Happy Birthday EGS! Happy Birthday Greenie O'Shivers and all the members, it's been a year with ups and downs but somehow there was always energy that kept it moving! We started small and gotten far yet limits are not characterisitic for any of us and I must say I have met the most unique and interesting characters while being an editor here. To me, all of this has been a materialisation of my lifetime hobby, stained with the pleasure of time spent in the company of good people and the seventh art, the immortal cinematography. To more laughs and scares and even more movie nights! In personal manner, I leave you some words from a much more wiser spirit than myself: 

In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed—
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! what is not a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turned back upon the past? [E.A.Poe, A Dream]


As a little teaser, here are some Pics for you to take a look as guess as to what they may be for


Finally here is a little Teaser for the Emerald Gore Society Theme, What do you suppose this might be for…