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Is Anybody Watching Ghost Wars?

Paranormal events are something that I firmly believe people, in general, will have experience at least once in their life. how large or small the event is or how open or closed someone is to the experience will depend on the individual. It is easy to say though everybody has felt that little tingle on the back of their neck walking through an abandoned house or something like that. Or your standing in a room in your new house and have that feeling that you're just not there alone. The question of is there a life after death, more to the point do ghost and other such paranormal phenomenon exists or is it all just a figment of our collective imaginations. Hopefully, science will eventually be able to extensively explain this matter.


The reason for the little rant above folks was to get your creative juices flowing in relation to a show I stumbled upon on a Netflix original series called "Ghost Wars". Imagine for a moment that death isn't the game over moment but in fact the beginning of a new bonus level. What if there was only a thin little layer between the here and there and what if you were able to see those who weren’t able to make it across after death. These are all things that Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia) a local outcast who is able to see and talk to the dead has to deal with every day. 


To make life that little bit harder Roman isn’t one of the more popular occupants of Port Moore a small remote Alaskan town he lives in. When a horrific experiment goes wrong causing an earthquake that unleashes dangerous paranormal forces looking to take down humankind, the beliefs and biases held towards Roman must be dropped as his unique abilities have placed him as the towns only savior.


I was gripped from episode one of this series to the point I ended up on a 13 hour Ghost Wars marathon. The characters developed really well throughout the series with the intra-town relationships developing and breaking down hinging on how the ghostly entities are fucking with people at that time. Some of the especially notable performers


I must mention were by Kim Kotes (Billy McGrath), Vincent D'Onofrio (Father Dan Carpenter) and Meat Loaf (Doug Rennie) who had some really memorable moments throughout the series.


The whole paranormal angle in the storyline was very original and constantly growing throughout the thirteen episodes. The ghosts were really cool as well. The way the spirits were able to affect you and do things to you was truly freaky pretty much from the offset and they only get more powerful as the series progresses. The way the ghost infest and take over the town lends a zombie-like feel to an otherwise paranormal driven storyline.


Ghost Wars is 100% worth a watch in my opinion. I suggest watching it with a day off ahead of you as you will end up binge watching it.