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Gorecast #58 - The Masters of Horror: Jennifer

I'm four episodes into season one of Masters Of Horror series. The fourth episode "Jennifer" has really stood out to me.


Police officer Frank Spivey (Steven Weber) is eating lunch in his squad car when he happens upon a crazed man with a meat cleaver forcing a young woman (Carrie Fleming) onto the ground. When Spivey intervenes, the man tells Spivey that he "doesn't know what she is," forcing Spivey to shoot the man before he kills her. As he begins to console her, he first notices that although she has an attractive body, her face is horrifically disfigured. Despite his initial revulsion, she cuddles into his arms, and he finds himself affectionately drawn to her.

At the police station, his partner continues to kid on about the whole situation, trying to get him to forget about the shooting and the female. Still oddly drawn to her, Spivey excuses himself from his partner. That night at home, his wife Ruby (Brenda James) attempts to console him after learning of the shooting. As they begin to make love, he keeps picturing the woman and begins to anally rape his wife. She eventually forces him off her as he has lost himself in his fantasy of the woman.


Needless to say, matters escalate quite quickly once Frank decides to move Jennifer into the family home without consulting his wife, who discovers Jennifer as a naked surprise in their bedroom. Things spiral out of control as Jennifer begins to exhibit some very strange behaviors that slowly drag Frank Spiraling into madness.


This little piece of Argento greatness is trippy and surreal from start to finish. From the beautiful lighting that virtually paints the images to the accompanying score that walks through the whole experience by the hand. This is very much worth a watch if you want your mind fucked... Beautifully. This is why I was so excited about discussing all of these little masterpieces and I'm only on episode 4.