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Gorecast #58 - The Masters of Horror: The Fair Haired Child

Hello, all Johnny from The Gorecast here. I am still delving into season one of The Masters Of Horror Series for this Sundays #Gorecast58 on facebook live 22:30 GMT (blatant plug out of the Way). I’m just after finishing episode 9 “The Fair Headed Child” and thought this one was worth an honorable mention as the story and characters within it are truly captivating from start to finish.


The Fair Haired Child is the ninth episode of the first season of Masters of Horror. It originally aired in North America in January 2006 and was directed by William Malone.


I feel I should point out at this juncture that William Malone is a name that even some hardened horror fans may not recognize. For those who do shock or confusion is beginning to set in hearing his name in the line up for masters of horror considering some of his most notable contributions to the genre are The House on Haunted Hill (remake) and feardot.com. All that being said The Fair Haired Girl is great little horror that earned its place in the lineup.

Tara (Lindsay Pulsipher), though a pretty and brainy teenage girl but is by no means liked at her school and has no friends that I can see in this tale. She just ghosts around the hallways her school having very few social encounters at all let alone worth mentioning. Upon returning home one day, she is kidnapped and drugged. She awakens and attempts to escape but the kidnapper (William Samples) throws her into the basement, where Tara finds a young boy (Jesse Haddock) hanging from a noose close to death.


She saves him, and the two form a bond. The boy, Johnny, is sweet and kind but cannot talk; he has to communicate by writing in the dust. With Johnny's assistance, Tara uncovers cryptic warnings on the walls, such as "Beware the Fair-Haired Child!" The two discover a room with numerous backpacks and a bloody bathtub, showing that they are not the first victims.

The film is shot and colored beautifully with some nice transitioning shots between scenes and very nice warm tones to open with swapping to a more subdued cooler tone for the scenes in a basement. The combination of practical and digital effects to create the monster this was really well done. The demon child blended into the environment perfectly and never had a ."dodgy CGI" moment.


Lori Petty is fantastic in this especially in the first scene we meet her in, there’s this uncomfortable weirdness from her side of the conversation that's virtually intoxicating.


I did find hard to buy into Pulsiphers acting in the latter half of the movie however especially when she was in the basement, her rendition of heart-shattering dread was underwhelming and took away from some of more tensely driven scenes


All in all The Fair Headed Child is a really enjoyable watch and hits all the notes that an otherworldly entity driven movie should hit and is probably one of the better additions to William Malone's repertoire. Make sure to join me and my co-host The Giz this Sunday on facebook.com/TheGoreCast if you fancy discussing the masters of horror with us in the live chat.