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The Hatchet franchise

I really dig the Hatchet movies. The story, cast, the use of practical effects and some pretty sweet looking kills are what makes the movies so enjoyable to me.

Now, the first two films (Hatchet I & Hatchet II) where written and directed by Adam Green but Hatchet III was written by Adam Green and directed by B.J. McDonnell.

Basically, the story is an old-school slasher with a supernatural twist. Think Friday the 13th and you've got Hatchet. Hatchet I (2006) is about a group of tourists getting stranded in the swamp and eventually running into Victor Crowley. Hatchet II (2010) picks up immediately after the first film and we watch as a hunting party is put together to try and stop Crowley once and for all. Hatchet III (2013), again picks up where the sequel left off, but this time the police are involved as they go to the swamp to investigate all the bodies.

Hatchet Franchise 1.jpg

Keep in mind I'm trying to stay real simple with the synopsis because I don't want to ruin it for anyone that's not watched the movies yet, but trust me they're so much cooler then I'm making them sound.

The cast was great throughout the first three films and you get to see a lot of familiar faces. Like Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Danielle Harris, John Carl Buechler, Perry Shen and Zach Galligan to name a few.

Hatchet Franchise 2.jpg

Now for the fourth installment, Victor Crowley (2017). As cool as it was getting another Hatchet movie, I didn't think this one was as good as the first three films. It was cool to see Adam Green return to write and direct it, but the story wasn't as fun to watch this time around.

Instead of picking up where the last movie ended, we jump ahead a few years and follow the only survivor of the Crowley massacre. Eventually, the story takes everyone back to Crowley's turf and we watch everything go down.

Hatchet Franchise 3.jpg

This one runs kinda light on Crowley and cool kills. Whereas the previous films had Crowley around a lot. Yeah, he was mainly killing people but you saw more of him. The fourth film focuses on the trapped group more and we end up seeing Crowley less. Upside they stuck with practical effects, which looked good.

Overall, I've watched the first three films countless time and still haven't gotten burned out on them. The fourth film I've watched... once. The OCD moviegoer in me owns the fourth film because, well... it's a set and you have to. Otherwise, I'd happily stare at the three films on my shelf and forget all about the fourth one.