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Halloween Creep Tales 2.0 (2015 - Special Edition)

orror Anthology featuring The Crimson Creeper who tells ghoulish tales to chill to the bone and boil the blood of the innocent!! - IMDB.

CC Website: http://crimsoncreeper.weebly.com/ Website: http://officialmrsheltontv.weebly.com/ Blogger Entry: http://mrsheltontv.blogspot.co.uk/ Piperdork Review: https://youtu.be/X_wmAwIqWBQ Credits: Rooms/Zombies in a Shed - Directed by Clive McKenzie. Dinner Time - Directed by Juliette Strange. The Shadow - Directed by Jake Rivett. The Furfangs - Directed by Andrea Ricca. The Thin Man - Directed by Bayden Redshaw