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Homegrown Horror - Illusions Of The Mind

We're always on the lookout for homegrown horror here at The EGS so it's even more awesome when we find it right here in our own backyard! 

Illusions Of The Mind is the directorial debut of Limerick filmmaker Stephen Tubrity. It took a few years of blood, sweat and tears to complete but the final product is something Stephen and everyone else involved should be proud of.  Produced with all their own money, filmed and edited with all their own equipment, starring a cast of amateur but talented local actors and featuring all original music by local artists - this movie is a prime example of DIY low-budget film-making at its' finest. 


Illusions Of The Mind is a psychological horror that tells the story of one man's struggle with paranoia and jealousy which leads to his inevitable descent into madness.

Check out the trailer below and you lucky bastards can even watch the whole film via the link below that!!


Full Film: