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Gorecast #60 - Horror Reviews and News

We are back tonight with some horrifically tasty treats that are just freshly released for you lovely people to sink your teeth into with us tonight 23:00gmt/19:00est www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast.

First up on your screens tonight Uncork’d Entertainment gives birth to evil with the chilling "The Lullaby".


Chloe is overwhelmed by the birth of her first child. The incessant crying of her baby, the growing sense of guilt and paranoia sends her into depression. With a heightened urge to protect her son, Chloe sees danger in every situation. She starts to hear voices, the humming of a childhood lullaby and sees flashes of a strange entity around her child. Convinced that the entity is real, Chloe will do everything in her power to protect her son. Is she haunted by evil or is it just the baby blues? You will have to watch to find out

Reine Swart, Deànré Reiners, Thandi Puren, Brandon Auret, and Dorothy-Ann Gould star in a Darrell James Roodt film, opening in theaters across the U.S and available on VOD 3/2.


After that has Sunk in The Giz and Johnny Deadly will be talking about "Bad Apples" all about two girls who are ... Rotten (little giggle).. To the (snigger)... Core? Sorry guys couldn’t help myself. 


On Halloween night, two malevolent children terrorize a young innocent couple in their home as the two "bad apples" decide to play some wicked tricks on the occupants of the one house in a suburban cul-de-sac that is not celebrating Halloween. subjecting them to a Halloween they will never forget in Bad Apples. Available on VOD since February yet again by Uncork’d Entertainment (we love uncork'd).


Last but by no means least is Hells Kitty hosting some of today’s greatest horror icons uniting for the purrfect scare!

Doug Jones (The Shape of Water), Dale Midkiff (Pet Sematary), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Courtney Gains (The Children of The Corn), Lynn Lowry (Cat People), Kelli Maroni (Night of The Comet), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), John Franklin (The Addams Family) and a ‘Killer Klown’ team up for some Pawplay this March!


Nick (Tana), a Hollywood screenwriter, discovers his cat has become murderously possessed, and will stop at nothing to rid him of any women in his life. As his life unravels out of control, Nick must find a way to have his kitty exorcised of the demonic spirit haunting her and creating a body count.

With characters named after classic horror movie characters Jones plays Father Damien, Berryman is Detective Pluto, Nina Kate is Dr. Laurie Strodes, Barbeau is Mrs Carrie, and a tone reminiscent of some of the ‘80s greatest horror-comedies, Hell’s Kitty is undoubtedly the horror hiss of March!

Based on the web series and comic book of the same name, and inspired by writer-director Nicholas Tana’s experiences living with a professedly possessed cat, Hell’s Kitty tells of a covetous feline that acts possessed and possessive of his owner around women. The results are as funny as they are frightening!


That’s the line up for tonight. Make sure to join us in the comments feed, 23:00gmt/19:00est www.facebook.tcom/TheGoreCast see everybody there. All brought to you by the lovely guys & Gals at AmericanHorrors.com in association with WithOutYourHead.