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GORECAST #61- Yet Another Evening With The Masters Of Horror (Technically)

What is fear? According to the dictionary, fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Now you know and I know that is a drastic understatement of what real fear is.

Join us Sunday, April 1st 23:00gmt/19:00est facebook.com/TheGoreCast to talk about a bunch of people that don't have an issue in showing you what real fear is.


The ingenious minds behind NBC's show "Fear Itself". John Landis, Darren Bousman, Ronny Yu, Brad Anderson, Breck Eisner, Mary Harron and Ernest Dickerson are among the directors who have signed on for this 13-part anthology of scary yarns featuring such performers as Brandon Routh, Eric Roberts, Cynthia Watros, Elisabeth Moss, John Billingsley, Pablo Schreiber, Jack Noseworthy and Shiri Appleby.


The show has been referred to as Fear Itself (Aka Masters Of Horror Season 3) as all of the same producers and a lot of the directors and actors from Masters Of Horror were all involved this. Obviously, this is also the reason we decided to cover this on the show this Sunday as we had to complete the review set basically.

Another large contributing factor to Fear Itself being referred to as Masters Of Horror season three is because your in for thirteen hours (Roughly) of high quality highly entertaining horror. They are all visually stunning, the music in every episode is perfectly suited and pretty much every story will put a chill up your spine.


One such spine-chilling episode (and my personal favorite) was "Skin and Bones". Telling the creepy tale of Rancher Grady Edlund returns home to his family after being lost in the forest for a number of days. When he returns home however he doesn’t appear to be acting himself. As he is probed for answers as to what happened in the forest it slowly unfolds that he has in fact been possessed by a Wendigo. Starring Doug Jones with a blistering performance Skin and Bones is as grotesque and it is intriguing...


We'll be live on Facebook tomorrow night Sunday, April 1st 23:00gmt/19:00est facebook.com/TheGoreCast talking all about the whole series... And our general hijinks, make sure to join us in the comments feed. See you all there