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Gorecast #63 - It's Movie Review Time

Hello one and all, it's Saturday so it's time for me to fill you in on what will be on tomorrow night's show where you can join Johnny Deadly and The Giz this Sunday 23:00gmt/19:00est on www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast.


As you might have seen earlier in the week I was telling you all about Cartel 2045 featuring the one and only Danny Trejo. Well, we have two other awesome flicks that soon to be released to get your teeth sunk into.


First up starring Jamie Bernadette (who you might remember us talking about last week in 4/20 massacre) as Joan Butler an enforcer known for her ruthless tactics and wild abandon. After she is double-crossed by her boss and left for dead, she becomes a vengeful spirit and is doomed to wander the Earth until she is able to take down the men that attacked her in writer/director Todd Bartoo’s highly-anticipated and unique unification of The Crow and Death Wish, Killing Joan.


With eye-popping visual effects by Paul Lada (Prometheus, Harry Potter, Pacific Rim Uprising) and a superlative support cast including Teo Celigo, Erik Aude, David Carey Foster, Katarina Leigh Waters, Erin O’Brien and Daniel Gardner, Killing Joan is the film to die for this released this April from Uncork’d Entertainment.


Next Up we have something really special with the feature directorial debut of celebrated effects master Hiroshi Katagiri (Jurassic Park III, Pacific Rim) Gehenna. Encompassing horror, suspense and a twist that will blow your mind.


Starring Doug Jones (The Shape of Water) Gehenna: Where Death Lives is about a group that visits Saipan on a business trip to search for locations for their holiday resort. As they stumble upon what they think is the perfect spot, they discover an unusual area on the property that hides a hidden Japanese bunker from WW2. As you would expect they decide to go in and explore.


However, things take a turn for the worst once they meet the inhabitants of the bunker and each member faces their inner-demons and the secrets of the bunker itself, the results lead to a shocking conclusion.


I have to say Doug Jones delivers a mind-blowing performance in Gehenna with equally compelling and believable performances from co-stars Eva Swan, Simon Phillips, and Justin Gordon. The movie even hosts the one and only genre icon Lance Henriksen (TV’s ''Millennium'', Aliens). Gehenna: Where Death Lives is in theatres across the U.S and on digital Friday, 5/4 distributed by Uncork’d Entertainment.


That's it guys and ghouls for a more in-depth discussion about these celluloid lovelies join Johnny Deadly and The Giz this Sunday 23:00gmt/19:00est on www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast.