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Gorecast #65 - Haunted Houses, Deadly Lists & Aquatic 80's Madness

Hello, Boils and Ghouls Johnny Deadly here to fill you in yet again what we have coming up on this weeks Gorecast. We have three, that's right three screeners lined up for you this week so let's get this party started.

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High Octane Pictures unveils the DEAD LIST weaving a tale about Calvin who is competing with five other actors Zander, Scott, Kush, Jason and Bob for a major movie role. Stopping at nothing to win the role of a lifetime, he uses a demonic book to curse his fellow actors, with each actor being killed off in their own separate unique and terrifying chapter. This was a fun watch if not so what's confusing in places, having an extensive knowledge of the dark arts may have been part of that and was more of a hindrance than a help in unraveling how the curse worked.

DEAD LIST is available 5/1/18 on VOD, DVD 7/3/18 on DVD, and SVOD 9/4/18.

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Next up... What can I say about the next entrant? I've said for years a good movie should make you feel a variety of emotions throughout its story. I defiantly felt a variety of emotions during soft matter... Were they the intended emotions the director expects people to feel during the movie possibly not.

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Jim Hickcox’s feature debut Soft Matter tells of two graffiti artists that break into an abandoned, reportedly haunted research facility in hopes of creating an art installation, but stumble upon a team of demented researchers who are in the process of resurrecting an ancient sea creature - who they now must fight in order to not become their next experiment. I can't understand why I liked this movie so much, the oddly delivered dialogue between the actors, or how they developed, in general, all seemed disjointed, the aloofness of one of the main leads Kish to pretty much everything she reacted to or said, all of this screamed I should hate it... But do you know what? I loved it! mostly due to the fantastically hilarious and retro scenes with Mr.Sacks.

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Everything wrapped up in an eccentric ball of madness where all of these issues actually added to its quirky and intriguing oddness. All accompanied by some fantastic practical effects

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and some very strange digital effects. Soft Matter will be premiering on VOD 5/22 from Wild Eye Releasing.

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Lastly, Zak Bagans, who is best known as the lead paranormal investigator in Ghost Adventures has a new documentary out at the moment called Demon House.

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The documentary follows Bagans and his crew around Gary, Indiana as they investigate the strange goings on in a house that’s known as "the house of 200 demons". You even hear police officers referring to it as a portal to hell. The house has a long and sordid past of former residents reporting all kinds of terrifying supernatural experiences including physical contact, possessions, and a young boy walking backward up a wall with eyewitness accounts from social works doctors and family.

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I have to say this was a really gripping and interesting documentary. There is a wide variety of interviews and testimonies. Do I believe any of the events that happened in Demon House? Weeeeeeeeellllllll, you're going to have to join myself and my co-host tomorrow night www.facebook.com/TheGoreCast to find out 2300gmt/2000est.