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Jon's Halloween Top 10


Here are my top ten to watch this Halloween, listed in no particular order.

1, Dead Snow ….

This is a Norwegian movie and is about a group of friends on a ski trip who encounter Nazi Zombies, lots of fun.

2, Young Frankenstein….

This is a Mel Brooks comedy/horror and is perfect to watch with your kids.




3, Colin …..

 This is an English Zombie movie witch is a very original take on Zombie movies, and on a side note it was made for an estimated 50 pounds.

4, [REC] 1&2 …

These are Spanish movies set in a Quarantined hotel; I would advise you watch these back to back it’s a hell of an experience. There is a part 3 to this also but the first 2 are the best.



5, Maximum Overdrive ….

 This is about every thin mechanical on earth coming to life and killing humans, it’s based on a Steven King story and he also directs it, ACDC do the soundtrack, it’s a complete cheesefest but I love it.

6, Laid To Rest ….

 This is a Slasher with some of the most vicious kills I've ever seen.

7,Doghouse ….

This is an English comedy /horror, a very funny zombie film



8, Day of the Dead ….

This is the 2nd Romero film in the series and my favorite.


9, The Wicker Man … The original ….

 This is properly my favorite movie of all time a real creepy movie about a cop searching for a missing girl on a remote Scottish island.



10, The Violent Kind …

Last but defiantly not least , this is a crazy film that is pretty much impossible to describe in a few lines , but if you’re looking for something great that will really surprise you check it out .