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OK, so here we go….

Welcome to my Game Basement. Here I have been isolated with the sole purpose of playing and writing about games. I must admit, it is not entirely an undesirable idea to me. That’s enough about me; maybe I will share more next time. On with the review!

For my first review I want to tell you about the game that has lead me to this site and most of what has been done of late. That game?


No, not just the eight pages one but the full story game, Slender: the Arrival.

Ok, let me go back and start at the beginning…..

A quick quote from Wikipedia should get us a little close to the same page {see what I did there?}

Slender: The Eight Pages, originally known simply as Slender, is a free download indie-developed first-person survival horror video game released in June 2012 as a beta for Microsoft Windows and OS X, utilizing the Unity engine. The game is based on the fakeloric figure known as Slender Man, who is known for the abduction of children in mysterious, dark settings.”                       - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slender:_The_Eight_Pages

It all started with me looking through Creepy Pasta images online when bored one night. Not just being bored with the usual horror stories but bored of gaming as well. It had all become somehow formulaic in the mainstream gaming arena. Call of Duties everywhere, a new FIFA every dam year, there was very little in the new ideas department and even less in the horror genre.

That is when I see pictures of The Slender Man. Straight away I was hooked. To me this was something new I had not seen before, not even heard a slight whisper of…

 Thanks to Google this is how it somehow found its way through the internets and onto my loving little ghoulish computer.{ http://slendergame.com/}

 And I shall be honest. I LOVED IT! It brought me back to the good old days of my genesis of the mixing of my beloved horror movies and my love and obsession of video games. The first coming to mind being resident evil, back on the PlayStation one when the franchise was what it was selling itself to be:

 A Survival Horror Game.

Where your goal was to survive, not repaint each and every scene with the guts of whatever antagonist the game presented you with. And without the struggle for survival, it’s not really a horror game now is it? I mean it’s kind of difficult to be afraid of the big bad monster when you are quickly trying to decide to incinerate him with a flame thrower or blow him to bits with your rocket launcher.

So the purity of the old school horror genre was in the eight pages, even though the graphics reminded me of the blocky kind of style seen somewhere from between the PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 2 era of gaming. That being said, there is little to complain about as the game was free!

With it fresh in my mind and having showed this game to almost everyone I know due to having a copy stashed on my pocket flash drive, I searched the interwebs for more about it.

When you see him....

Seeing that the game was not released yet but being so excited I pre-ordered. I was only a few euros and I am always glad to help out a game developer I thought had a great idea. Mark Hadley (AgentParsec) was a guy onto a great idea! And one I could get behind.

After reading he was working on the story with a group who had been “known” for their slender myths I went straight back to Google. This is where I Discovered “Marble Hornets”. If you are unaware on them, I strongly suggest googleing it, or checking them out on youtube. And save it for a free night as I promise it is addictive and will easily zap a night or two from you.

Slender: The Arrival   {http://www.slenderarrival.com/}

Released on March 26th 2013

Upon release I must admit I was very excited. With what I got for my money, I was very pleased. These guys had put in some serious hard work into a labour of love which I believe paid off. And it shows. The graphics are very well done, the playability of the game while confusing at first is very fluid and organic throughout the game once you have gotten used to it.  But I will let some of the pictures of the game speak for themselves

Really hope the batteries don't run out at the wrong time...

Insert Pics#

The story might be a little short, but it is engaging as you go from not knowing what is going on, to then realising it has all actually gone wrong…

why would you sell such a beautiful home... 

Oh, yeah.... 

You begin as a woman who is heading to your friend’s home to help her pack up some belongings in order to sell up the old family homestead. From here I won’t spoil the story any more, but trust me, if you take the time to read the lore items scattered around the levels you find yourself want to go further and further to find answers.

The levels themselves are not too long. Once you have completed the objective, you do feel the sense of dread and want to get out of there. There is some real terrifying moments, made all the more potent by the great use of music and sound effects in the game. This is an example of exactly how important sound is to accompany the imagery in any horror scenario.

Proxy's gonna get ya!

This is one game I highly suggest playing in a room alone, with the light off and either the sound up or with headphones on. You will feel your heart pounding as the anxiety and tension build. For a fan of real horror, this is the only way to play and with Slender: The Arrival, you will not regret it!

This game is a must have for any fan of Horror games on PC and for €7.79 for the standard retail edition, you really cannot go wrong! {Other editions available on the website}