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Slain: Back From Hell - Review

Hi Everyone, Faceless Mike here in the Gamebasement.

Today I wanted to talk about Slain: Back From Hell.

Slain is an old school action platform game from Wolf Brew Games and is very much a throw back to the old-school Castlevania type of game, only this time with much more heavy metal added to the mix.
Released on: PS4, PC, PlayStation Vita and  Xbox One.

The synopsis reads:

You control the fate of Bathoryn,  a doomed hero in a Gothic world, who seeks to liberate six cursed realms from six deadly overlords. He must battle his way through this blighted land,
packed with gruesome and lethal creatures before ascending (or sometimes descending) into a stronghold, all the while defeating fiendish traps and vile monsters alike.

This game really does scratch that good old retro itch for those long gone days when Castlevania and its thousands of clones roamed the lands, much to the joy of their audience. Sadly though gaming went a step too far in that direction and as time,
graphics and console generations marched on this style of game has seen less and less light as we move into the age of touchscreen phones and VR headsets. leaving games like this relegated largely to the discount bin section of the Steam store or gog.com.

Thankfully though there are some of us out there who still enjoy diving right back in, where our barely teenage selves left off and this is where Slain comes into play. 
Like jumping into a pixel version of an 80's Metal album cover, Slain is a joy to the eyes for those with a similar taste to myself,  with it's awesome soundtrack and D&D/heavy metal mashups of monsters.  

Now I have seen some reviews complaining about the difficulty level of this game but to be honest, in my opinion while it is a bit difficult when you first pick up a controller
I never once felt that when I died it was because the game somehow had it out for me, or was "cheating".

If I died, which I did... A lot.. it was because I sucked at the game. 2 or 20 tries later when I had become familiar with the mechanics I found myself smashing through mobs and bosses with the same ease and pleasure as bubble-wrap. Now that's not saying the game is easy, far from it, but there is great satisfaction blasting through a boss like he is paper after he has handed you your asses 50 or so times once you get used to his attack patterns.

The other side to this complaint is even when you do die, Slain throws you right back into the fray in no time at all. The last game I played with such a quick turnaround after death to replay was super meatboy. So when you do die, and you will you'll be right back on the horse before you can say "Wrath of the Gods"

In short I really enjoyed this game, Take a look at the footage here from the PS4 version I was playing, If you like the look of it and are the sort of person who enjoyes Darksouls or Bloodborne but want a bit more Metal and miss the good old Castlevania days
then give it a shot.

If none of those names mean anything to you or they ain't your Bag, Move Along, this one if not for you.

You can check out the games website here: