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The Murder Castle ( H.H. Holmes, America's First Documented Serial Killer )

H.H.Holmes's real name was Herman Webster Mudgett 
Born in May 16,1861 in Gilmanton , New Hampshire.

The son of Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price .
His father was a farmer and both of his parents were devout Methodists .

Holmes claimed that as a child classmates would force him go to a local doctors office. The children initially brought him to scare him Erik Barson one of the classmates speculated that instead of being afraid Holmes was fascinated which began his obsession with death .

Holmes graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in June of 1884.

While enrolled Holmes stole bodies from the laboratory. He would mutilate the bodies.
Then he would put up policies on them to collect on the life insurance.


Holmes arrived in Chicago in 1886.

During the world's fair in Chicago in the year of 1893 Holmes opened up a hotel that he designed and built himself specifically to commit murder .

In November 17,1894 Boston, Massachusetts H.H.Holmes was apprehended. Where he confessed to killing 27 murders.

Holmes was convicted of four counts of murder in the first degree and six counts of attempted murder .
Only nine victims were confirmed.

H.H.Holmes was executed by hanging in May 7,1896 at the age of 34 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.



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