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The Mad Butcher Of Kingsbury Run (The Torso Murders)

During the 1930's in Cleveland , Ohio an unidentified killer dismembered at least twelve people on Kingsbury Run a section of Cleveland that housed the working poor which were the pray of choice for this killer .
The victims were killed between the years 1935 and 1938.
But a lead investigator on the case Detective Peter Merylo believed that were more victims in Cleveland and in other areas else where such as Pittsburgh, and Youngstown,Ohio between the years the 1920's and the 1950's .

The victims of the Mad Butcher  were usually drifters whose identities were never determined. Although there were a few exceptions victims 2 , 3 , and 8 we're identified ( Edward Andrassy , Florence Polillo , and possibly Rose Wallace).

The Mad Butcher always beheaded his victims and often dismembered them . Sometimes cutting the torso in half .
The cause of death was always decapitation. With the male victims he would castrate .

Almost all the victims were found after a considerable amount of time . Usually a year or more .
Which made identification nearly impossible especially since the heads were removed .

During the time of the investigation the UNTOUCHABLE Eliot Ness held the position of Public Safety Director Of Cleveland which was a position of authority over the whole Police Department including the Fire Department.

There were two suspects associated with The Mad Butcher Of Kingsbury Run/The Torso Murders .
As with any serial killer that was not solved there would of course be many theories of where he went or why he stopped killing . Such as the killer died or was arrested for another crime .


But some researchers believe that he just left the area . One belief is that the killer went west towards California to commit more sinister murderous acts like one belief "The Black Dahlia" because of the ritualistic manner of the murder resembled to the "Mad Butcher" aka "The Torso Murders".