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Who Is Jack The Ripper ?

Since 1888 the case of Jack The Ripper has captured all imaginations around the world.
The identity of The Ripper to this very day is still in question. Who is Jack The Ripper?

During the investigation many suspects were under suspicion.
Like Prince Albert of the British Royal Family to an American Doctor.

In recent years new information has revealed another potential suspect, a man by the name of James Kelly. 
Where did this information come from? A recent documentary that explored did Jack The Ripper come to America.

So was James Kelly the serial killer Jack The Ripper. In the documentary a Cold Case Detective dove into Kelly's history which revealed that Kelly murdered his wife in the same year of 1888.
Kelly was put into an asylum after his capture. After a few months give or take he escaped.
For a multitude of several decades James Kelly's whereabouts was unknown to authorities.
Until he returned to that very same asylum in the early 1900's, where he confessed to doctors what he was doing while free. He said that he was in America committing vicious acts cruelty to women.

The locations James Kelly showed were First New York City, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida.

It was found in newspaper records in the late 19th century that law enforcement agencies in these locations discovered gruesome murders exhibiting the familiar ritualistic brutality in the Whitechapel district of London.

But how does James Kelly fit the bill as a killer.
In the documentary the Cold Case Detective discovered that Kelly was a leather furniture cutting craftsman. This would make him very skilled with a knife.

After his investigation the Cold Case Detective profiled the psychological behaviour of the killer Jack The Ripper and the suspect in question Mr. Kelly.
He found that both Kelly and The Ripper share an intense hatred of women.

In viewing the photos of all the victims he mutilated their bodies were completely destroyed. From the first victim to the last documented victim Mary Kelly (No relation to James Kelly.) That the brutality of every cut and extraction of organs became even more so.

Out of all the suspects that have been transcribed in the original police reports in 1888 it seems that James Kelly does have the personality and violent tendency to commit a string of murders in his lifetime.

The Jack The Ripper case will always fascinate all of us. We might not ever find out who the killer really is, or where he went after the fifth murder.

So what are your thoughts? Out of all the suspects who do you believe might be Jack The Ripper.